Gun Control and Other Results of Liberal Tribalism

Is gun control really a political belief or is it a phobia that needs to be overcome through “therapy”? What about other Liberal beliefs?

I think this video will help you understand the common support for gun control better than anything else I have ever seen.

Why do I like this video so much? Because it shows how much a political issue is actually psychological conditioning.

This is a testimony about a person changing her mind… and that description seems almost literal! Her mind was changed. This doesn’t mean she found a really good argument that someone communicated to her. This means she moved to a society where people had guns, she got to know those people, and she got to know guns.

She talks about coming to a new opinion on guns as overcoming a phobia. She basically got therapy in Alabama after being conditioned in New York.

How many other Liberal beliefs are being transmitted not as credible ideas but as tribal assumptions? I suspect many of them.

This helps explain why we so seldom see arguments for the basic commitments of the Liberal media. Arguments undermine the psychological state that Liberalism requires. It is much better to simply communicate the feeling that all smart people are liberal and all conservatives are stupid. Better to reinforce feelings than compare ideas.

This gives me two predictions about the future.

First, blue states are only going to get bluer. People there will continue to reinforce their fears and prejudices, translating them into political beliefs.

Second, as blue states continue to be abandoned for more prosperous red states, those states won’t necessarily get more blue. What might happen is that a lot of those blue state believers get “therapy” in the company of red state reality. They will overcome their fears and phobias.

We should certainly work and pray for such an outcome. May God have mercy on all of us.