Gun Control Can’t Keep Us Down

While liberals in Washington are blaming every school shooting and violent crime on the lax gun control laws in the land, courageous private citizens are proving that they can hold their own in protecting themselves and their property even without the aid of guns.

When Indianapolis resident Karen Dolley found an intruder in her home, she intended to use her gun to protect her person and her home,  but she couldn’t find it.  So then, she fell into skills she learned earlier in her life through Medieval combat games.  According to USA Today:

Dolley reached for her backup weapon, a Japanese-style sword called a ninjato, which she keeps near her bed. The intruder crouched in the bedroom as she held him at sword-point until police arrived, she said.

She called 911 and police arrived within two minutes, she said.

“I didn’t think I was getting good blows in but my knuckles are bruised today,” said Dolley, 43, on Friday. “Hitting someone like that, it isn’t like the movies. You’re expecting it to be louder and see people jerk around, but that’s not how it happens in real life.”

For gun owners like Dolley, gun control laws are violations of rights to privacy and the right to bear arms given in the second amendment of the Constitution.  However, because of determination and hard work, she was able to keep her home safe.