Gun Free Zone – Man Robs Restaurant with Machete in New York, not Texas

Many people have noticed that gun free zones are invitations to shooters. In some states we see that they are invitations to machete-wielders.


I am not saying that we would never see a story about a machete-armed robber in a state that didn’t subvert the Second Amendment. We might. But it wouldn’t be likely and, when it did happen, it would be a humorous anecdote. So for example Dave Jolly’s post about an attempted robbery in Florida: “Robber Had Cattle Prod. Store Clerk Had Gun. Who Won?

In this case, sadly, there was no gun. The local CBS affiliate reports,

A man armed with a machete and two others are accused of stealing a cash register from a restaurant in Chelsea.

As WCBS 880’s Jim Smith reported, the owners of the Mexican restaurant Crema on West 17th Street near Sixth Avenue were busy Saturday searching through security video for any clues as to who the suspects are.

Police said at about 10:30 p.m. Friday three men walked into the restaurant and demanded money.

One man pulled out a machete and the trio made off with a cash register from behind the bar.

General Manager Piero Rodriguez told 1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten the whole thing took about 50 seconds.

He also added he has an idea why they targeted his restaurant.

“It’s because we were already quieted down so it’s easier. The restaurant next door had more tables than we did and they have huge windows,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said they are now looking to take extra security measures.

“Extra security measures”! Sounds like a good idea. Will he get a .45 or a 9mm handgun? Will he get a shotgun?

Nope. This is New York after all.

“We’re looking into adding more cameras outside as well,” he said, “…so we can have every angle, even downstairs.”

He also added they will be bolting down the cash register.

Yes, if I’m being threatened with a machete, it will be a great consolation to know that my beheading will be caught on camera.

Welcome to the non-violent paradise of disarmed culture.