Gun Grabber Obama OKs Armed Guards for Life for Own Family

You and your family aren’t worth as much to the world as President Obama. Or first lady Michelle. Or Sasha. Or Malia. Or, heck, even first dog Bo.

On Thursday, Obama signed a bill that will allow him, President Bush and future presidents lifetime Secret Service protection.

The new law repeals a mid-1990s law that had limited Secret Service details to 10 years after a president’s term.

The level of hypocrisy exhibited by Obama signing such a bill while he has his lackeys working feverishly to find ways to take away Americans’ right to defend themselves is nothing new for the Man Who Would Be King.

While he publicly frets about an armed populace and works to disarm Americans, he had his henchman Eric Holder oversee the notorious Fast and Furious program in which the U.S. government armed Mexican drug dealers, resulting in dozens of deaths, including that of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

When the program was investigated, Obama shut Congress down by citing executive privilege, not so different from the executive orders the White House is considering issuing to limit gun rights for citizens.

Obama condemns the shootings at a Newtown school, but then condemns the NRA’s proposal to post an armed deputy at every public school to protect the children.

Meanwhile, his daughters are protected by the Secret Service and go to a private school that has 11 armed security guards on campus.

It’s a common theme among the gun grabbers: Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, etc., all want to tear apart the Second Amendment for the common man while they carry concealed guns or enjoy the protection of guards who carry.

Access to his mother’s guns didn’t have as much to do with the Sandy Hook school deaths as did shooter Adam Lanza’s mental state and quite probably the drugs he was prescribed, which no one so far is talking about.

But hypocrisy and a longtime agenda make it easy for the Left to go after guns rather than come up with real solutions to mass killings.

Just so long as those on the Left don’t have to give up their own guns, then shredding the Second Amendment is fine with them.

Remember, an armed man is a citizen; an unarmed man is a subject. And that’s how the Left likes it.