Gun-Happy L.A. Police Free And Clear: L.A. Taxpayers Stuck With Paying Off Victims

Remember the rampage of the late Christopher Dorner in L.A.? And remember the responding rampage by the L.A.P.D.?

The LAPD shot at a pickup truck with two unarmed women—a mother and daughter—in the cab. The truck sort of resembled one that Chritopher Dorner had been reported driving. Even though the truck made no threatening moves, and without warning or calling on the driver to stop, the cops drew and fired. The eight officers unleashed 103 shots. The glass cut the passengers and the mother was wounded in the back. Both survived. According to the Libertarian Republic:

None of officers will be fired, or even suspended for failing to identify themselves as police or to ensure the car was indeed Dorner’s before opening fire. They will only be required to take a little more training.

The Commission, after its investigation earlier this month, stated the officers were not at serious fault, even though they violated the Los Angeles Police Department’s policy.

Chief Charlie Beck insisted that this shooting was simply the result of “a tragic cascade of circumstances that led to an inaccurate conclusion by the officers.”

Inaccurate conclusion?

You and I both know, if a “civilian” (ugh) had threats on his life, and fired on two people because they were in a vehicle that looked like one he thought the suspect was driving, that “civilian” would be in jail that night and would need a good lawyer to fight criminal charges.

I put the word, “civilian” in quotation marks because, supposedly, the police are not an occupying army. We don’t have an occupying army in the United States, officially speaking. But the police constantly refer to non-police as “civilians.” And they obviously act as if they are an elite military force in our midst, who are not subject to the same laws as we are.

So if the commission can wave its hands and tell eight cops that blasting over a hundred rounds at two women for the crime of driving a blue truck is OK, why don’t we just give up and admit it: We’re civilians, and they are an alien army that taxes us, occupies us, and, when they feel like it, shoots at us. If they are in danger then they have the right to mow down us, our wives, and our sons and daughters.

To add insult to injury, the LAPD has to pay the victims $4.2 million. They certainly deserve the money, but who is really getting punished? The L.A. taxpayers are on the hook for the actions of these shooters while the shooters themselves are free to continue working toward collecting their over-large pensions.

If the police are really going to be like this, then we need to abolish the police. We would be better off protecting ourselves and going to the courts ourselves than having these trigger-happy troops adding to the danger of other criminals living off society.