Gun Violence Rising In the Media, Not In Reality

An increase in reportings by the media of gun-related violence does not mean that there has been an actual increase in incidents. In fact, violent crime in the U.S. (murder, rape, robbery and assault) actually went down four percent in 2011 compared with the previous year. It’s been going down for the past six years, and last year was the lowest it had been since 2006. It’s dropped twelve  percent since then. Naturally, since the Left will never concede intellectually on the gun control debate, the one thing they can do is just report more incidents to give the impression that more guns equals more crime.

The other side of the coin is that gun ownership is up. Forbes pointed out that call-ins to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) have steadily increased over the past decade:

 “Over the last 10 years (from 2002 to 2011) there has been a 54.1 percent rise in the number of NICS checks and the increase hasn’t all taken place since 2008. In 2005 there were 8,952,945 NICS checks. In 2006 the number topped 10 million. In 2007 NICS checks pushed passed 11 million. In 2008 NICS checks passed 12 million, and then hit the 14 million mark in 2009. They increased slightly (4 percent) through 2011.”

We’ve all seen these familiar statistics that have shown consistently that as gun sales rise, crime rates drop. These are no surprise to us since we understand that an armed society is a polite society. Liberals like to claim that gun sales are only going up because a black man is president, and overzealous white people think he’s going to take away their guns and ammo. Maybe that’s partly true, but gun sales as you recall “shot up” significantly in the aftermath of the Aurora theater murders. So, it’s not all Obama’s fault, although some have called the President “the greatest gun salesman of all time.”

A couple days ago, it was reported that in Virginia, this very “counterintuitive” phenomenon is occurring now:

 “The total number of firearms purchased in Virginia increased 73 percent from 2006 to 2011. When state population increases are factored in, gun purchases per 100,000 Virginians rose 63 percent. But the total number of gun-related violent crimes fell 24 percent over that period, and when adjusted for population, gun-related offenses dropped more than 27 percent, from 79 crimes per 100,000 in 2006 to 57 crimes in 2011.”

 In spite of the Left’s distortion of statistics related to gun violence (which also include accidents and suicides which inflate the numbers) and their lust to control our access to self-defense tools, we may be winning the debate after all. The left are doing these things and advocating gun control measures in spite of public opinion. They’re forcing it on people they claim to represent.

Gallup released a poll last year that showed a remarkable change of opinion over the last several decades when it came to guns:

 “A record-low 26% of Americans favor a legal ban on the possession of handguns in the United States other than by police and other authorized people. When Gallup first asked Americans this question in 1959, 60% favored banning handguns. But since 1975, the majority of Americans have opposed such a measure, with opposition around 70% in recent years.”

 This is great news because it means we’re winning the battle that counts, the battle of ideas. The more people are educated about the Second Amendment and the importance of guns, the less crime we’ll witness. It’s such a “no-brainer,” you’d think it’d come naturally to liberals.