Hackers Caught Trying to Crack Apple Security: the CIA

The CIA has been working for years to degrade Apple Security according to recent Snowden documents.

bigbrother is watching

We need the CIA to give our leaders accurate intelligence about what is going on in the world. That is why they exist and what they are paid for.

But we don’t pay them to commit acts of espionage against American businesses. We especially don’t pay them to make our company’s technology products less secure and, therefore, less valuable.

Yet that has been the CIA’s mission for years now. According to the Verge: “Apple targeted by CIA spies for years, say new Snowden documents.”

A new report by The Intercept says that researchers working for the CIA have been involved in a “multi-year, sustained effort” to crack Apple security measures on iPhones and iPads. Documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden detail a number of initiatives, including an attempt to crack encryption keys implanted into Apple’s mobile processor, and a method compromising Xcode — the Apple tool used to create the vast majority of iOS apps.

Although the report doesn’t include details of any successful operations against Apple, it highlights the ongoing battle between national security agencies and technology companies, as well as the hypocrisy of the US government. It was only in March this year that President Barack Obama criticized China for its plans forcing tech companies to install security backdoors for government surveillance. Instead, as The Intercept notes, China is only following America’s lead.

“If U.S. products are OK to target, that’s news to me,” Matthew Green, a cryptography expert at Johns Hopkins University’s Information Security Institute told The Intercept. 

If these backdoors were put into Apple products, what are the chances that they couldn’t be discovered by hackers—excuse me; by other hackers? Basically, Apple employees are paying taxes that are used to make Apple products less reliable and therefore less profitable.

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The sheer perversity is amazing. Government is instituted to protect the people from criminals like hackers. Instead, the government uses its privileged position to try to hack the peoples’ iPhone and iPads.