Does Halle Berry Have Sexist Expectations of Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Halle Berry is not happy with the father of her daughter. She wants him to work for a living.

halle berry

Halle Berry and her much younger ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubrey, seem to have a disagreement. He is apparently “without gainful employment” as the saying goes. Berry thinks he should be supporting himself.

According to the Daily Mail, “Halle Berry ‘wants monthly child support obligation to Gabriel Aubrey slashed from $16,000 a month to just $3,000’

They are parents to six-year-old Nahla, but it appears as if Hollywood actress Halle Berry and her former model partner, Gabriel Aubry, 38, are struggling to agree over child support obligations.

According to, Halle, 47, has reportedly been claiming that her ex-boyfriend has been living entirely off her monthly child support payments of $16,000 and wants it to stop.

The site claims: ‘Berry filed legal docs asking the judge in their custody case to reduce her monthly child support obligation from $16,000 a month to just over $3,000 a month.

‘Halle claims in her legal documents that Gabriel has stopped working and is content to live off the child support, and that’s an abuse of the system.’

The pair share joint custody of the little girl. Meanwhile, Halle has moved on with French actor Olivier Martinez, 48, with the pair having an 11-month-old baby boy together, called Maceo.

(In passing, I should mention I feel sorry for Nahla who doesn’t seem to have much family left, but that is a different topic.)

Reading this story, I ask myself: How often do divorced women get reduced child support because they are living off of it? Does that ever really happen? Do judges agree with husbands to reduce child support on such grounds?

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My suspicion is that men are much more reluctant to bring up this issue in court against a mother who is using child support so that she can stay home with her children.

If I am right, then it seems that Halle Berry is being really sexist here, expecting a man to work to support himself rather than live off the money of a much wealthier person. If men and women are entirely equal, then it should be just as legitimate for either one of them to be the dependent spouse. And that means in cases of divorce or separation, that the one with less income has just as much right to depend on the wealthier of the two for basic upkeep.

Of course, sarcasm aside, I am thrilled that there are still such expectations of men. I hope and pray more men meet such expectations.