Hamas Murders Teens, Israel Strikes — Here We Go Again

Israeli Air Force jets struck back at 34 targets in the Gaza Strip after the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens turned up, having apparently been tortured and murdered by members of Hamas.

We’ve seen this sort of thing countless times before.

Because the Palestinian Authority has allied itself with Hamas, the jokingly named “peace process” is about to plunge into another cycle of violence.

President Obama, demonstrating his usual pro-Muslim insight, warned Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu not to “destabilize the situation.”

This from the man who encouraged rebellions in multiple Middle Eastern and North African countries, and whose pulling out of American troops from Iraq led to the current rise of ISIS and the first caliphate in almost a century.

Regarding Israel and the Palestinians, though, it’s all too familiar. While there are plenty of people in this world who just hate Israel with a furious passion, rational analysis of the Middle Eastern history in the last half century shows that whenever there’s a cessation of violence, especially if there’s any suggestion of finalizing a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, it invariably is the Muslim extremists of the Palestinian side who start the conflict all over again.

It’s all part of being Muslim. Throughout Islam’s history, Muslims have advanced their cause through violence and blind hatred. Any pretense of civilization demonstrated by Muslim kingdoms has been at best a thin veneer, an outward appearance for the sake of lulling outsiders into complacency.

Kidnapping and killing of innocents, even children, is nothing new. It’s the sort of thing that led the early United States under President Jefferson to construct a navy and send its Marines to Tripoli to put an end to the Barbary Pirates.

Our first declared war on foreign seas and soil was fought against Muslim barbarians, and we’re still dealing with them today. Or we would be if our president were inclined to stand up for American interests. Instead, we’re making allies of our enemies and abandoning our friends.

The notion that there can be peace between Muslims and Israel is naive at best until someone arises who can thoroughly trounce the Islamo-fascists who hold sway over Muslim culture.

President Bush made a good go of it and actually had al-Qaida on its knees for a time, but that opportunity has been squandered by King Putt, the current Oval Office occupant, who has more sympathy for Muslim killers than he does for any aspect of Western civilization.

The one good thing about Obama losing Iraq is that with ISIS declaring its caliphate, the worst dregs of Islam are likely to rally to its flag.

During the entire time we’ve been fighting Islamic terrorism in the modern era, the battle has been hampered by terrorists’ ability to blend in among peaceful populations. They’ve known that the West would be less inclined to drop bombs if most of the damage would be to non-combatants.

If the new caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is successful at rallying an army, it would be like setting up the pins on a bowling lane.

Whatever happens in the Middle East, the United States will not be a player for the foreseeable future at least until the current Administration is gone.