‘Hannity’ Guest Literally Intolerant Of Facts

Having successfully managed to avoid politics for the full 9-hour drive up here to Massachusetts (Injun territory, as it’s called in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s household), within the first five minutes of stepping into my motel room I turned the TV on and found Fox News.

Hannity was on. Not a big fan; his face looks like he took smugness classes from MSNBC’s token little boy, Rachel Maddow. Still, I needed the background noise and something bright and flashing to glance at now and then.

Soon I noticed a familiar face appear on the screen as one of Hannity’s guests: Leo Terrell, whose permanent scowl lends him a powerful resemblance to Aughra from The Dark Crystal.

Terrell, a black liberal, was brought on to debate Niger Innis, a black Tea Party representative, on the subject of Dr. Ben Carson, the black neurosurgeon whom conservatives adore and liberals loathe. Since I know who Terrell is, I knew this was bound to be an entertaining segment.

Terrell’s main beef with Carson was that Carson “stuck his foot in his mouth” by voicing his opinion that the definition of “marriage” should not be expanded to include same-sex unions, and also by mentioning NAMBLA, the organization of openly pedophiliac gays, in the same, gay-related conversation.

Terrell said to Hannity, “You’ve created a monster,” apparently referring to Carson’s being a conservative. And Terrell shouted this refrain several times throughout the debate, that Fox News “created” Carson.

Such a belief is certainly right in line with traditional liberal thought: black people don’t have minds of their own; they need to be told what to believe, what to say, and conservatives simply got to Carson first.

Completely disinterested in having a conservation in which he isn’t the only participant, Terrell, in no time, took out his earpiece so that he couldn’t hear what Hannity or the calm, smiling Innis had to say.

It brought to mind another recent episode of Hannity in which the very same Leo Terrell, fed up, literally covered his ears with his hands to block out all the scary information and mean facts that Hannity was giving him.

Which solves one quandary: If you’re in a room full of liberals and you want to tell your conservative friend something without any of the libs hearing, preface your secret with a loud proclamation of facts. They’ll all cover their ears in fright.