Harry Reid Condemns Koch Brothers For Using Their Own Money While Dems Use Ours

Monday I saw where Senate Majority leader Harry Reid was blowing a gasket over the Koch Brothers’ plans to spend a little over $100-million of their own dollars on the upcoming elections.

Somehow I’m supposed to be outraged—absolutely outraged—at men spending their own money to influence the direction of the country, but I’m not allowed to protest when it comes to nearly $5-billion of my money wasted?

From the Fiscal Times: “Over $5 Billion and Counting for Obamacare Websites.”

Since 2011, the federal government has spent nearly $4.7 billion to help implement the exchanges, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates. While some exchange websites like Oregon and Massachusetts suffered from nightmarish technical issues, others performed quite well.

It seems to all come down to how well a state managed its contractors and its exchange portals, since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave them the freedom to be in charge of how their exchanges were designed and who would design them.

“CMS provided states with the flexibility to launch their Marketplace in a way that made the best use of its system’s capabilities at the time,” a CMS spokesperson said. “One of the main advantages of operating a state-based Marketplace was the ability to offer innovative designs that meet the needs of the states, its consumers, and its insurance market.”

While CMS had oversight over the states—requiring them to provide progress reports– several including Oregon and Massachusetts still had severe management issues.

In fact, Oregon had so many management and oversight issues that its contractor is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

An earlier review by the federal government suggested that the contractor “may have boosted billings by ‘throwing bodies rather than skillsets’ at problems,” Oregon Live reported.

A separate investigation into Maryland’s exchange by a federal watchdog is also underway.

And I guarantee you… a lot of the waste on this Obamacare idiocy is actually lining the pockets of those who will be ‘investing’ in the next election, too. Progressives never spend their own money, but they sure do love to spend mine, and to get upset when others spend theirs.