Harry Reid Makes Racial Joke and Gets Immediately Forgiven

The story has been circulating that Harry Reid made a joke about an ethnicity.

This is supposed to be some great scandal. But, because Harry Reid is a Liberal Democrat ruler, he only has to apologize and there is no longer any scandal.

Thus, Politico:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is apologizing for comments he made in “poor taste” about Asian people.

The apology was prompted by remarks he made Thursday to the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas and after video was posted by conservative trackers.

“The Asian population is so productive. I don’t think you’re smarter than anybody else, but you’ve convinced a lot of us you are,” Reid said to applause, remarks first reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

After a man was introduced to the podium, Reid said: “One problem I’ve had today is keeping my Wongs straight.”

On Friday, Reid offered a mea culpa: “My comments were in extremely poor taste and I apologize. Sometimes I say the wrong thing.”

And that seems to be all it requires for him to escape censure. I’d be pretty amazed if a Republican candidate who did such a thing could get past it that easily.

reid on Marine tragedy and sequester

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But I have a couple of questions. First, isn’t Wong a more common name among the Chinese? (Not all Asians, of course.) Wikipedia indicates it is very common. If a Chinese American made a similar joke about Smith would WASPs all over the United States feel mocked or offended?

And why should all races have the same average intelligence? Is it really wrong to say that Asians are smarter than other people—assuming one is able to recognize the limitations of a broad generalization? I can see why it could be taken as rude to dwell on the intelligence of Asians. The intelligence of Asians in general is not an explanation for why anyone Asian is smart or not. No one wants to perform in an intelligent way only to hear others say, “That’s no big deal. You’re smart because of your race.” I can understand why no one wants to hear all their good qualities ascribed to their race. It seems like it demeans the individual and his or her accomplishments.

But I notice that none of the Asians present seemed offended, according to the Politico report. And how could they be. They have formed a group for business men based on nothing but their race as opposed to all other businessmen. The entire reason for the group is race. So how could they ask Reid to speak to their racial group and not say anything about their race?

This shows the hypocrisy of the media, since Reid was able so easily to get his remarks put behind him. It also shows the insanity of our taboos. If it is wrong to describe races by general features, then why is it OK to start organizations based on nothing more than the commonality of race?

Perhaps requesting that people think about what they are saying and doing is too much to ask of them.