Harry Reid Vows to Get That Bundy

I wonder sometimes if our so-called leaders ever look in the mirror. Harry Reid in particular is on my mind as he has promised that the grazing rights dispute up at the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada, is not over, despite the Bureau of Land Management’s humiliating retreat in the face of armed opposition.

“Dingy Harry” Reid is already a virtual cartoon character in his everyday corrupt dealings in the Senate and interactions with the American people. Like Peanuts’ Pigpen, you can see the dirt rolling off of him wherever he goes.

But his latest protests that Cliven Bundy’s supporters are “domestic terrorists” and his vague threats about a federal task force being organized to get Bundy puts Reid in a class with Prince John from the Robin Hood stories. Or perhaps, given the countrified nature of this story, Reid is Boss Hogg to Bundy’s Duke boys.

“They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,” Reid said Thursday, spittle flying as he cursed Bundy and his Merry Militia. “I repeat: What happened there was domestic terrorism.”

Of course, Reid had something to do with that whole scene of domestic terrorism. Not that he’ll admit it, and not that the media aren’t doing a fine job of covering up the details.

But it is known that Reid and his son Rory, who was also foaming at the mouth after the BLM’s strategic running away, were both involved in solar energy deals in the area. One deal they had been working on with the Chinese firm ENN was to build a multibillion-dollar plant in Laughlin, which is on the other side of the state, but it also apparently involved a chunk of land in Clark County that the County Commission voted to sell for pennies on the dollar.

That deal apparently is off the table, but who knows what else Dingy Harry is involved in? That he has a keen interest in bringing big-bucks alternative energy plants to his state is undisputed. Whether any of his deals actually directly spurred the BLM’s invasion of Clark County is something that’s really only known to Reid and the people who organized the raid of Bundy’s Ranch, all of whom are in full denial mode.

The mainstream media have been quick to dismiss any possible Reid connection as “conspiracy theory.” As usual when that happens, the “facts” cited by the debunkers are even looser than they claim the conspiracists’ facts are. (I happen to know this in this case because the Las Vegas Sun actually cited a column I wrote at Godfather Politics as the source of the Reid solar story, but I read it in several places then pulled some documents from the BLM’s own site before writing anything about it. Still, nice to know that somebody believes I can influence coverage at Newsmax and the Washington Times.)

Regardless of whether Reid actually had anything to do with starting the Bundy Ranch invasion, he’s sounding like he sure wants to lead the next charge.

Statists like Reid believe that by virtue of being in government, they are doing Heaven’s work and therefore must not be questioned. While the federal government has all sorts of legalese to try to prove it is right in this situation, it’s claims are highly suspect on grounds of morality and simple justice.

What we have here is the thug culture of the Washington bully vs. the icon of a free man defending his home and property.

Strictly by the numbers, the federal government should win. It has in its possession enough personnel and firepower to capture or kill every living thing on Bundy’s ranch several dozen times over.

But the weakness in the federal forces, and perhaps the fatal flaw in Reid’s schemes to “get” Bundy, is that federal agents are human beings, and not just any human beings, but Americans. That means that no matter how jaded or immersed in liberal culture they are, those federal agents deep inside still have some respect for an individual standing up for his rights against unbeatable odds.

Reid’s delusion is that he, backed by the federal government, is God and Bundy is Job. Reid’s plan is to make Bundy submit for no other reason than that he is Harry Reid and that’s all the reason anyone needs.

Won’t he be shocked, then, if an American rancher proves too much to handle?