Has Barack Obama’s ISIS Started the Destruction of Europe?

Is Islamic refugee immigration bringing about the eventual destruction of Europe as we know it?

If you have a problem with my calling them “Barack Obama’s ISIS,” you need to do some basic research. We have addressed the issue many times on this blog (here is one of my own brief contributions that is probably the most recent).

Up until today, I had thought of President Obama’s actions in the Middle East (and President Bush’s before him) as a disaster for the peoples of the Middle East, especially for Christians and other religious minorities.

But then I read this post by economic blogger, Mish. He quoted the Financial Times:

Angela Merkel and François Hollande on Monday called for a more equal distribution of asylum seekers across the EU, as violent clashes outside a German refugee centre highlighted the rising political tensions over record inflows of migrants into Europe.

“There was an aggressive xenophobic atmosphere which is no way acceptable,” said the German chancellor. “It is disgusting how rightwing extremists and Neo-Nazis have tried to spread dumb messages of hate. But it is also shameful that citizens, some of them with children, have supported the demonstration by going along to it.”

Ms Merkel and Mr Hollande backed the European Commission’s push to revive controversial proposals for all 28 EU countries to sign up to a binding quota agreement, under which newly arrived refugees would be distributed around the bloc. Such a move would ease the burden on Germany and a handful of other states which currently take a majority of asylum seekers. 

Germany expects to receive a record 800,000 refugees this year, more than the entire EU received in 2014 and around 1 per cent of the country’s population. 

Ms Merkel and Mr Hollande also called for the full implementation of EU asylum rules — which cover areas such as legal rights and rights to medical and social care — across the bloc.

Mish comments,

The idea that unlimited refugees can be spread around like cream cheese on a bagel, with no repercussions, is absurd.

The more free services a country gives, and the more convenient it is for people to get those free services, the more takers there will be.

Spread refugees around, give them more care and services, the more you will have. Make it easy enough and half of Africa would move to Germany.

It is true that the extreme welfare states of Europe are an attraction to immigrants. But the reason for the recent acceleration in Europe is due to refugees from the Middle East. As Mish says,

By the way, let’s place the blame for the Syrian refugee mess where it belongs: President Bush was a direct sponsor of ISIS, and president Obama sure did not help any. 

I think more of the blame for ISIS falls on Obama than Bush, but the point remains: By sponsoring unrest, terrorism, and Islamic extremism in the Middle East, we haven’t just hurt the region but also are destroying Europe. In many ways, Europe is suffering because of their own insane policies. But our government’s interventions in Syria are going to especially hurt Europe.

And they aren’t going to help the US either.