Have Hillary Clinton Supporters Changed their Minds?

Why are Hillary Clinton supporters advocating the superiority of the private sector to the Federal government?

Hillary Clinton supporters are suddenly telling us that privately developed solutions are better and more secure than the services offered by the Federal government? I love the message but I don’t understand how any of Hillary Clinton’s political principles can survive such a message. Doesn’t she approve of Obamacare?

How are Hillary Clinton supporters advocating private enterprise? They say that Hillary Clinton herself excelled the government record by using her own private server. The Blaze reports, “Clinton Defenders Now Contend Clinton’s Private Email Helped Keep Information More Secure.”

Numerous federal agencies – including the State Department and White House – have been hacked, while there is no evidence former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server was compromised, a pro-Clinton super political action committee notes in a new report.

Thus, her private server may well have been more secure than if she had kept a traditional state.gov account, according to a 12-page report that seems to reframe the email debacle that has dogged the Democratic presidential candidate for months as almost a public service.

“Among the news media’s obsessive coverage of Hillary Clinton’s email practices, a simple fact has been lost,” says the report by the super PAC Correct the Record. “There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton’s email was ever breached. On the other hand, the U.S. government has been hacked on numerous occasions, compromising even the most sensitive of information.”

So we have gone from the promise that there was no classified information on the server to claiming that there was and we should be glad because her server was more secure. That is an interesting change of mind and message.

But it also raises questions about, for example, the government’s demand that doctors use electronic records. It also makes us wonder why Clinton defenders prefer the development of healthcare.gov instead of letting insurers develop their own web portals.

It is great to see people close to Hillary Clinton touting the success of a private, non-government solution. It would be much better if they would match their political philosophy to their new excuse.