Health Care Rationing: Sick Girl Denied Help Due to “Budget Cuts”

Never forget: Obamacare (and all such programs) are primarily about control—they’re about a self-anointed elite making decisions as to what they believe is best for you (and/or most advantageous to them!).

In some countries it is specifically “illegal” to go against the decrees of the State health authorities—even if you have the money, no doctor is allowed to accept it to perform a procedure the “anointed ones” have decided is not permissible.

The Daily Mail headline today: “Little girl denied surgery to help her walk due to ‘budget cuts’: Shannon, 6, has cerebral palsy and can only shuffle with a frame.”

The family of a six-year-old girl with cerebral palsy have condemned ‘cruel’ NHS bosses after an operation to help her walk was cancelled at the last moment – because of budget cuts.

Shannon Bowley can only shuffle around on her bottom or take a few slow steps with the aid of a walking frame.

She was due to have a life-changing operation this Friday which would have loosened her muscles to help her walk independently.

But just six days before surgery, her family were dealt a devastating blow when they received a letter informing them that NHS England had cancelled funding for the operation.

Shannon’s grandmother and full-time carer Samantha Jones, 42, said her grand-daughter had also been through a year of painful procedures in preparation for the surgery.

She said: ‘I felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I opened the letter – I was crying and I was heartbroken. I couldn’t think straight and I was just trying to phone the hospital.

‘After signing the consent form I thought it was a done deal. I felt like the whole world had fallen through. Everything we had done was pointless.’

Shannon’s family are certain the operation would have had a huge impact on her life and have lambasted NHS bosses for cancelling funding.

Mrs Jones said: ‘It would change our lives immensely – it will give her the ability to play with other children, to run in the playground and just to have a better quality of life forever.


Shannon is one of eight children with cerebral palsy who have had operations cancelled just weeks or months in advance at Nottingham hospitals.

Bank on it, these kinds of things will increasingly happen in the United States, unless… we blow up this whole, wretched mess called Obamacare.

We cannot afford the “Affordable Care Act.”