Healthy but Old: Then We Are Happy to Help You Kill You!

In Switzerland, the official practices have changed. Up until now, Switzerland had (and still does!) a barbaric assisted suicide law. Rather than try to help people or talk them out of committing suicide, the law in Switzerland is that you can be “helped” in the task of destroying your own life.

But for all its boldness, the law was actually passed by cowardice. Just like Barack Obama signing off on indefinite detention while “promising” he won’t use the provision in the law, the Swiss actually didn’t want people to help just anyone kill themselves. So the advocates and groups that offer the fiendish “help” made sure to keep the populace placated by promising to only assist in the killing of “terminally ill” people. So while the law was wide open, moral sensibilities (what were left of them, anyway) were assuaged by the private sector.

But no longer. As the Telegraph reports,

A Swiss organisation that assists people in ending their own lives has voted to widen its services to elderly people who are not terminally ill.

Exit chose to add “suicide due to old age” to its statutes at an annual general meeting to allow people suffering from psychological or physical ailments linked to old age the choice to end their life.

Assisted dying is legal in Switzerland and in theory even a healthy young person could use such services. However, internal rules vary from group to group.

The move has been criticised by the Swiss Medical Association amid fears it will encourage suicide among the elderly.

“It gives us cause for concern because it cannot be ruled out that elderly healthy people could come under pressure of taking their own life,” said Dr Jürg Schlup, the association’s president.

That’s nice that these doctors disapprove of Exit’s new killing law, but what about the law which is still worse than Exit’s new by-laws.

Exit defended itself from claims that it will pressure old people to die by saying the process is too lengthy and no one will go through the process unless they have a real deathwish.

But obviously, the vast majority of people who want to commit suicide can do it by slitting their wrists or hanging themselves or putting a bag over their heads. The reason they want help is because they want social approval. And the very fact that they want that social interaction also shows that making the option available encourages the elderly to believe they should consider killing themselves.

Besides, all these impediments that slow down and verify the process (allegedly) could be changed next year. We know where this is headed.