Helping Afghanistan Meant People Helped Themselves to Money

How did helping Afghanistan with a new gas station cost $43 million?

Building a similar station in Pakistan cost a half million dollars, but not this one. Scott Shackleford writes at the blog, “A $43 Million Gas Station—Is This Why We’re Still in Afghanistan?”

The United States (as in, you and me), paid $43 million to build a compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Sheberghan, Afghanistan. […] That’s not even the punch line. The punch line is that the Department of Defense apparently has no idea how this happened or where the money went. Wait, no, that’s not the punch line, either. The punch line is that the purpose of this project by the Task Force for Stability and Business Operations (TFSBO) was to “demonstrate the commercial viability of CNG for automobiles as part of a broader effort to take advantage of Afghanistan’s domestic natural gas reserves and reduce the country’s reliance on energy imports.”

Oh, I would say certainly something was taken advantage of.

Why can’t anybody account for all this spending? According to the Department of Defense, the TBFSO shut down six months ago and they’re claiming that there’s nobody around anymore who can speak to where all the money went.

This is one of many such instances of corruption.

These are the people who say that Edward Snowdon belongs in jail. These are the people who say that we need to continue to fund the “war on terror” because we have enemies out there who mean us harm.

News flash: these corruptocrats in the Pentagon are already doing us harm.

And they will keep doing it until they are thrown in prison. Right now they are considered too big to jail. But until we stop letting them get away with plunder it will only get worse.