Here Comes the Senate Spending Splurge

The coming Senate spending increase is crazy; we should be capping spending rather than spending more.

Mitch McConnell promised that there would be more government spending and that seems to be happening at the time I am writing this. The Associated Press documented the Conservatives’ attempt to talk sense to the Senate:

The Senate is on track to pass a spending bill to prevent the government from shutting down this week, over the opposition of the most hardline conservative Republicans.

Tuesday’s expected vote comes after a 77-19 tally on Monday easily beat a token filibuster threat. The House also is expected to approve the bill — stripped of a tea party-backed measure to take taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood — before Wednesday’s midnight deadline.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is under fire from tea party conservatives who demand that he fight harder against Planned Parenthood, even at the risk of a government shutdown. But McConnell is focused on protecting his 2016 re-election class.

One of the Republicans’ presidential aspirants, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, took to the floor Tuesday morning to endorse a partial government shutdown as a way to gain leverage over President Barack Obama.

“Why don’t we start out with the negotiating position that we defund everything that’s objectionable, all the wasteful spending, all the duplicative spending, let’s defund it all and if there has to be negotiation, let’s start from defunding it all and see where we get,” Paul said.

“But it would take courage because you have to let spending expire,” he said. “If you’re not willing to let the spending expire and start anew, you have no leverage.”

I think Paul is absolutely correct. Basically, the media, the Liberals, and the Establishment Republicans are all insisting that any attempt to fight for conservative principles is dangerous and reactionary. They are also insisting that if Barack Obama vetoes a bill so that the government shuts down that is all the responsibility of Republicans. In other words, the minority party gets its way no matter what, and even attempting to get them to cave on any issue is somehow unthinkable.

Is that what Republicans were elected to do?

But what really grabbled me was the screenshot of Rand Paul that accompanied the story:

rand paul spending

Look at that projected debt! Are Republicans really going to sign off on that? It is insane.

I think Planned Parenthood is especially evil, but even if it were a good organization, it would still be necessary to defund it along with many other things.

Do you think women are getting great healthcare in Greece? This suicide debt trajectory needs to be stopped now. Later will be too late!

It is amazing how the majority of the media and the politicians are pretending that this reckless Senate spending spree counts as “responsible” governance.