Hero Cop and Hero Bystander

A hero cop did not shoot a criminal in the back and almost got beaten to death except an armed bystander took action.

This is a story about a heroic legally-armed citizen who probably saved the life of a police officer. A criminal was beating him with his own baton.

But if you look at the story in the context of other stories of police shooting fleeing unarmed men, you need to realize that this policeman stayed professional and did his duty even at risk of his life. He ran after an unarmed burglar on foot and ended up attacked with his own baton. He deserves to be honored as a hero cop.

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According to News 9 in Oklahoma City: “Witness Pulled Gun On Burglary Suspect Who Was Beating OKC Officer.”

It happened just after 2 p.m. Tuesday in the 2800 block of W. Park Pl. Rookie Officer Adam Eller and field training officer Sgt. Michael Lambert were responding to the burglary call.

The two suspects in the burglary, Tremaine and Jermaine Williams, are twin brothers. Police say Tremaine was already gone when they arrived, but Jermaine was there and when he saw the officers he took off on foot.

During the chase the two officers became separated. Eller found himself alone when he caught up to Jermaine in a driveway of a nearby home and as he tried to place him under arrest, a fight ensued. During the struggle, Jermaine was able to take Eller’s police baton and then proceeded to strike him over the head somewhere between six and 12 times.

According to a report, that’s when a witness nearby charged up with his weapon drawn and told Jermaine he would shoot him if he did not stop hitting Eller. That heroic witness has not been identified.

It is really sickening that police chiefs (not in Oklahoma City) will make statements in favor of canceling the Second Amendment and disarming private individuals in the name of “officer safety.” Police aren’t endangered by an armed populace; they have mass backup!

This hero cop and hero bystander are a lesson for our culture. Therefore, I predict, the mainstream media will never pick up the story.