Hero from Kentucky Goes to Help Iraqi Refugees

A dentist is taking time to travel to serve Iraqi refugees and help them in other ways.

Iraq map

Hero (noun):

  1. A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
  2. North American – another term for submarine sandwich.

David Sperow would be an example of the first definition. Many times he’s freely chosen to travel into the most dangerous places on earth to help the oppressed.

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You can read about his story at the website of the Lexington channel 18 news: “Making A Difference: Ky. Dentist Travels To Iraq To Make Refugees Smile.”

A Lawrenceburg doctor decided to travel a long way to make a difference…all the way to a refugee camp in Iraq.

After hearing of the devastation caused by ISIS, Doctor David Sperow decided he had to do something to help the millions of people affected.

Dr. Sperow has been a dentist in Kentucky for 20 years and his care for patients stretched far beyond the Bluegrass state.

After hearing how ISIS was affecting many innocent people overseas for so long, he decided to do something.

“We were getting images of atrocities that are just a different kind of evil in this world,” says Dr. Sperow.

He just recently embarked on a ten day mission to the region to help the millions of people forced from their homes by the terrorist group. He and his wife traveled there with a team to provide medical and dental care and food and hygiene supplies to five different refugee camps.

“Most of the people we worked with had lost family members along the way some in horrific ways,” says Dr. Sperow


Dr. Sperow and his wife founded a non-profit mission organization more than a decade ago, dedicated to helping those in third world countries.

Real Christians are called to defend and help those facing slaughter—to look in the eyes of earthly beasts like ISIS with the clear conviction there is One to be feared, and it ain’t them and their little knives.

Do me a favor: Pray for David and his mission, La Cima. Also, if you’re ever in possession of a little cash you don’t know what to do with… click this link. Or, if you think of it later when you are blessed in some way, Google “La Cima,” and put that money to good use.

P.S. Yeah, David’s an amazing guy—a follower of the Prince of Peace—but don’t get the wrong impression. His wife is a legal international arms dealer, and they both know exactly how to defend themselves and others. Another reason I like him.