A Hero Without a Badge; A Tragic Victim Without a Gun

You may remember when I wrote about this brave woman, who single-handedly risked life and vehicle to disable a bank robber’s vehicle, that the police issued a warning that we should all leave the crime-fighting to them. I suppose the police will use this story to substantiate their advice.

A 47-year-old Yucaipa man suffered fatal stab wounds while chasing a thief who’d stabbed and robbed a woman of her purse, say sheriff’s officials in that city.

Troy Cansler died at a hospital following the 9:37 p.m. holdup and stabbing of a Cherry Valley woman Sunday, April 27, in a parking lot in the 33400 block of Yucaipa Boulevard.

“It didn’t surprise anyone what he did. He was always helping the underdog,” said his wife, Autum Rae Cansler. “He was a good guy (and) a hard worker.”

Cansler chased a robber for about a block until he was stabbed near Fourth Street and Yucaipa Boulevard, sheriff’s officials said in a written statement.

“The suspect fled into an adjacent business and was … detained by deputies,” according to the statement

The details of the story are even more heroic. When the woman was attacked, her baby stroller began rolling away. Cansler grabbed it, returned the stroller and baby to the mother, and then went running after the attacker.

We need more heroes like Cansler. I know often conservatives claim that Police are all heroes. Some are, no doubt. But that is only true of those who do heroic deeds. The body armor and the badge doesn’t manufacture heroism.

But Cansler was no law enforcer. He had every reason to back away and let the attacker be someone else’s problem. He was not paid to protect anyone. He did it due to a natural obligation he felt to help others.

Cansler did the right thing. But the real tragedy is that he was not prepared. He should have had a gun that he was carrying with him.

If Cansler had been armed he would be back with his wife now, safe and alive! Until more good people realize that love of neighbor dictates that they pack a gun most of the time, the Second Amendment will never be understood they way it needs to be.