High School Candidate For Student Gov’t Pretends To Be Victim of Racism

Liberals are emotional creatures who feel that there is romanticism in victimhood, heroism in being a David in a nation of Goliaths. They create their own misfortunes because it enhances their sense of superiority. They also perceive non-whites to be innate victims, so any connection a liberal can make with a non-white, such as by becoming a victim, will allay their aggravation over being white, that least romantic of races.

Victimhood is generally not a plight of minorities, for one fundamental requirement of victim status is to bemoan your victim status. If someone steals your car, but you hated the car anyway and had been looking for a good excuse to buy a new one, you might be grateful to the bandit; in this case, then, you are not a victim.

So, non-whites are not often victims at all since, like liberals, they actually like to be victims. They seek hardship. Their “victim” status is what grants them their privileges in society. This is why we see case after case of a black person trumping up incidents of racism against him. Real racist incidents do occur, naturally, and against all races; but if a black person finds himself lacking in victimhood, he will devise a plan that causes him to be a victim. To his delight, white people, in their collective guilt, respond by coming to his rescue and making him famous as the new poster boy of victimhood, and they do all they can to make up for what the black person alleged happened to him.

President Obama is familiar with this tactic. Running for president in 2007 and ’08, he frequently played up his racial-minority victim status growing up. His parents were lower-class, he would say, hoping to deflect from the fact that he wasn’t actually raised by his parents, but by his well-off grandparents. There were no hardships in his life other than his severe daddy issues, a complex upon which he now bases his entire worldview.

Well, a 16-year-old black student at Saint Peter’s Preparatory School in Jersey City, New Jersey, has co-opted the same tactic as Obama and many other blacks. (His name is not mentioned in this report at NJ.com, but let’s assume it’s Ray’shon.)

Ray’shon was running for president of the Student Council and received some troubling anti-black text messages, allegedly from other, anonymous students. So he went to the school administrators, who went to the police, and it gave Ray’shon a local martyr status. Oprah or Attorney General Eric Holder might liken Ray’shon to a modern-day Emmett Till, except Ray’shon probably hasn’t raped any white women.

Ray’shon’s father said that the texts made Ray’shon feel “extremely nervous” and “threatened.” (To save space here, go to the website in the previous link to read them.)

As it turns out, the victimizer of Ray’shon was Ray’shon himself. So it wasn’t true that Ray’shon felt nervous and threatened; he was only pretending to be a victim so that white people would swoop in and give him a leg up. His father had also said, “It is a predominantly white school and there may be a few sections of the school who are fearful of a new face trying to get in office.” This is what Democrats slanderously alleged about white people during the 2008 elections. There was virtually no significant racial backlash, however, so Democrats had to create it. They did so by infiltrating Tea Party rallies with racist signs. There was even a website called Infiltrate the Tea Party that instructed liberals how to act like conservatives in an effort to smear them as racists.

“He is the type of boy who does not want any kind of trouble,” said Ray’shon’s father.

Unfortunately, Ray’shon is precisely the type of boy who does want trouble, a desire which is compounded by his being both black and therefore, likely, a liberal.

To paraphrase Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, “No sympathy for you!”