High-School Prom-Queen Trannies From Outer Space

I bring to your attention a most nauseatingly politically correct news report out of Middleboro, Massachusetts, about an amply proportioned high-school prom-queen transsexual.

Of course the report doesn’t refer to Cody Tubman, our subject, in such terms. The article, from the local CBS affiliate, does, however, use the self-contradicting phrase, “She was born a boy….” From that point onward, only feminine pronouns are used to refer to this delusional dude.

Cody says most of his schoolmates and teachers are completely supportive of his lifestyle choice. Being a Massachusetts school, it’s reasonable to assume the grand majority of those schoolmates and teachers are all like-minded liberals and so believe themselves virtuous in feeding Cody’s fantasy that he is a girl.

Painted with a slathering of makeup befitting a prostitute in her later years and donning a pink, frilly dress and a blonde wig like a costume purloined from the set of John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, Cody attended prom, where his schoolmates, because it gave them a sense of self-righteousness, voted him Prom Queen.

Cody was happily surprised that people accepted him; surprised, of course, because liberals vehemently push the notion that homosexuals, including the cross-dressing “transgenders” like Cody, are more bullied than the rest of us, even though they’re one of our culture’s most celebrated groups of deviants.

Yeah, some homosexuals are bullied. Some are bullied so harshly and so relentlessly that they end up depressed and killing themselves. But this happens to fat people too. This happens to kids with braces, kids with glasses, kids who are too skinny, too tall, too short. It’s life. Bullying is horrible, but it only does damage when the bullied person already has some instability in him.

Know who is bullied more than the entire LGBT community? Christians. More Christians are killed for their Christianity than gays are for being gay, even taking into account the peaceful Muslim regions where they execute homosexuals.

“You’re always going to have people that don’t understand you, and if you’re different, it’s going to be hard,” said Cody.

Know what’s harder than being a delusional cross-dresser in Massachusetts? Being a conservative in Massachusetts. Cody stood a much greater chance of being voted Prom Queen as a male who plays make-believe as a female than if he were a devout, “out of the closet” Christians, an “out of the closet” conservative, or wore Republican T-shirts all the time.

There are many medical words describing the condition of a person who asserts he is someone else; for the man who changes his name to Harrison Ford and tells people, “I didn’t kill my wife!”; for the woman who believes she is a horse that happened to be born in the body of a human (or the reverse, in Sarah Jessica Parker’s case); and for the boy who claims to be a woman just because he discovered one day that he likes wearing skirts and pantyhose. One such word is “insanity.”