Higher Unemployment, Hurricane Sandy, and Benghazi Reported as Good News by Liberals

When the 7.9 percent unemployment number came out, I couldn’t believe how the media were trying to spin it. When unemployment goes up, that’s usually a bad-news scenario. Instead, all I heard was news reports telling us that “the economy is headed in the right direction.” The bad news was really good news. How could this be since unemployment is higher now than when Obama took office in 2009 (7.8 percent) and higher than last month when the same “right direction” description was given when unemployment went down?

“ABC anchor Diane Sawyer allocated a piddling 18 seconds to the news as she characterized the 171,000 jobs growth as ‘beating predictions,’ NBC’s Brian Williams stressed how the 171,000 additional jobs number ‘was better than the experts had expected’ and the CBS Evening News focused on one ‘flourishing’ company which has grown this year from 80 to 450 workers.” (Source)

Keep in mind that President Obama assured us that with his infusion of money into the economy and a $5 trillion addition to the debt, that unemployment would be 5.2 percent.

You may recall how the media harped on the bad economic news when George H. W. Bush was president. The drum beat of negativity doomed his presidency.

And there was hardly a mention of the dismal black unemployment numbers. They are nearly double the national average of all the unemployed.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the biggest change in employment over the last month affected black workers. In September, the unemployment rate for blacks was 13.4 percent. In October, that number jumped to 14.3 percent, an almost a full percentage point change, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Unemployment for whites remained steady at 7 percent. Teenage unemployment is nearly 25 percent.

There’s a new study that shows “the overwhelming majority of new jobs . . . go to immigrants (both legal and illegal).”

The unemployment rate would be even higher if fewer people were on food stamps. Consider this frightening statistic: “Under Obama, Food Stamp Growth [is] 75 times greater than job creation,” according to statistics compiled by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee. For every person added to job rolls since January 2009, 75 people were added to the food stamp rolls.” That comes out to 194,000 jobs created and 14.7 million added to food stamp rolls.

The media view these numbers as good news since it’s their belief that people are being taken care of.

This would all be front-page news if a Republican were in office. The media are in cover-up mode on nearly everything the President does or doesn’t do. He tells the people hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy that “no one will be left behind.” He made his photo-op appearance and then departed to another campaign stop. Meanwhile, the people in the most distressed areas are crying out for food, shelter, fuel, and bathroom facilities.Staten Islanders feel like the forgotten people,” Michael Cremer, a benefits consultant said. His comment was in response to how liberal food policeman Michael Bloomberg was diverting food and generators to this weekend’s New York marathon.

We saw how the media dumped on George W. Bush during Katrina. Not so with President Obama.

Then there’s the Benghazi story, or is it the non-story of this very young century? Talk about a cover-up happening right before our eyes. The media are the equivalent of Pravda, only publishing stories that support the government. As Rush Limbaugh has said, “This is far more than Watergate, and the press in this case is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate.”