Hillary: All You Need is Love

Hillary Clinton wants to be the Love President.

I thought that was her husband, but OK, let’s roll with it.

Hillary said one of the stupider things I’ve heard a Democratic presidential candidate say in an interview on the Lifetime channel that aired Wednesday.

Asked what she, as a “female,” would bring to the presidency, Hillary flashed back to the sixties and said, “I really believe we need more love and kindness and nurturing in our country, and in the world. I don’t mean this to be real gushy. I mean it seriously.”

That’s what’s so worrisome.

Does Hillary realize she’s running for the presidency of the United States, not kindergarten teacher?

How exactly would the “love, kindness and nurturing” policy work in foreign relations?

Instead of dropping daisy cutters, our bombers will now drop actual daisies?

Predator drones will no longer strike terrorist hideouts with missiles but with thermoses full of halal chicken soup?

Our sonic cannons will now blast out bedtime stories for terrorists’ children?

Instead of just bowing to the world’s despots, the president will now fetch their slippers, pipe and newspaper before making them a nice, homemade dinner?

Obviously, a policy of “love, kindness and nurturing” isn’t going to fly when it comes to dealing with ISIS. The only kind of love and nurturing they are interested in is the kind that is forcibly taken from their rape victims.

President Obama is already the laughingstock of the Middle East and the world.

A woman president who similarly lacks a spine will only get herself horribly abused by Middle East terrorists and dictators.

Even if her crimes don’t catch up to her and see Hillary arrested before she can win election, even if you think that she’d be a swell president, the idea of putting an aging, weak-willed flower child in the Oval Office should scare off even the staunchest Democrat.

It’s a dangerous world out there, and after eight years of President Milquetoast, the United States needs someone with courage and integrity at the helm. That certainly isn’t Hillary.