Hillary Caught Red Handed

Just two days ago, the New York Times rewrote a story about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in order to soften the PR blow to her campaign, at her handlers’ request.

That seems unlikely to happen again anytime soon as the facts about two investigators’ call for a criminal investigation of the former secretary of state’s handling of official emails become known.

The New York Times’ lede on Friday night:

WASHINGTON — Government investigators said Friday that they had discovered classified information on the private email account that Hillary Rodham Clinton used while secretary of state, stating unequivocally that those secrets never should have been stored outside of secure government computer systems.

That’s the jab, then comes the body blow:

Mrs. Clinton has said for months that she kept no classified information on the private server that she set up in her house so she would not have to carry both a personal phone and a work phone. Her campaign said Friday that any government secrets found on the server had been classified after the fact.

But the inspectors general of the State Department and the nation’s intelligence agencies said the information they found was classified when it was sent and remains so now. 

Sounds like the former next-in-line for the throne is about to get schooled in the axiom that says no one is above the law.

“‘Crackle’ … Hillary Clinton, please report to the prinicipal’s office. … “

Given the current moral decay in our government, don’t expect Hillary to be perp-walked on the evening news anytime soon, but a good dashing of her presidential hopes might be on the menu if even the New York Times is pulling out a chair at the table.

Valerie Jarrett must be cackling in her sleep tonight.

That’ll teach Hillary to go behind Jarrett’s back and kill Osama bin Laden.

That’s really when the knives first came out at Jarrett’s Oval Office Wing B. She never got over Hillary and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta coordinating the raid on bin Laden’s hideout.

Since Clinton left the Administration and focused on her candidacy to be the next president, the anonymous tongues at the White House have been wagging, and the press has been unusually attentive to the details of a Democrat scandal.

While her husband, Bill, still has a lot of pull, Hillary may not have the influence necessary to force her way back into the White House.

Which leaves the Democratic Party with avowed socialist Bernie Sanders as the likely nominee. While Sanders’ policies would be just as bad for the country as any of the Democrats, his campaign so far at least has the virtue of being refreshingly straightforward about his goals, without the usual media spin.

If all of the turmoil on the Left opens up an opportunity for Republicans, that will be a good thing. But it will still be an uphill fight to get a real conservative the nomination.