Hillary Clinton to be Honored as “Children’s Advocate”

Chelsea Clinton didn’t seem to pick up on the irony of lamenting about how her great-grandmother didn’t have access to abortion. Her grandmother was born of two unwed, teen parents. If they had had access to abortion and had gone through with one, Chelsea would have never had a grandmother. There would have been no Hillary and no Chelsea. Chelsea and her mom wouldn’t be here today showing their support for abortion that would have prevented their own existence. (I guess that’s not such a bad thing after all.)

What’s equally ironic is Hillary being honored by the Children’s Defense Fund later this month for being a “children’s advocate.” The CDF President Marian Wright Edelman said:

 “The Children’s Defense Fund is commemorating its 40th Anniversary by recognizing champions who are changing the odds for children. Although critical gains have been made for children over these past four decades, much remains to be done. As we celebrate the great milestones in CDF’s history, we will honor the servant leaders across generations who have worked hard with us in the trenches to build a more just nation for all our young. We are pleased to recognize Hillary Rodham Clinton who has been a tireless voice for children and was with the Children’s Defense Fund at the beginning as a young staff attorney, then board member and board chair.”

How can she be said to be a children’s advocate when she’s perfectly fine with unborn babies receiving death sentences if the mother feels inconvenienced by them? These unborn babies have done nothing wrong. They’re physically incapable of doing anything wrong. They are the most innocent of human beings, and over 50 million of them have been slaughtered in America.

Who will speak on their behalf? Who will be their advocate? Hillary Clinton? What is this, some sort of sick joke?

I’m sure Clinton would claim she supports abortion “for the children.” It’s for the greater good, because if it weren’t for abortion, we’d be overrun with too many people chasing too few natural resources. We’re over-populated. Abortion is what will keep the population in check, allowing (non-aborted) children to have better access to food and water, since those things are limited. So see? It is about the children. [sarcasm]

Her being honored as some sort of “children’s advocate” is like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.