Hillary Clinton Is Not Leftist Enough for Many Dems

Bernie Sanders is now running for President to provide a Leftist alternative to Hillary Clinton.

I honestly can’t make up my mind if this is:

  1. A genuine attempt to get a more extreme Leftist into the White House than Hillary Clinton.
  2. An attempt to have a viable candidate available in case Hillary Clinton’s scandals erupt and destroy her campaign.
  3. An attempt to make Hillary Clinton look mainstream by comparing her to an even more extreme leftist.

Whatever his possible motives, Bernie Sanders is now running against Hillary. Politico.com reports,

Bernie Sanders will announce a presidential bid on Thursday, a source close to the second-term senator confirmed.

The Vermont independent, a self-described democratic socialist, will run as a Democrat in a field that includes frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

The launch will likely be a low-key announcement — no big rally or high-budget video. The senator is expected to have a larger campaign kickoff in a few weeks, most likely in Vermont, before heading to early presidential nominating states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sanders, 73, has been openly considering a presidential bid for months, and in recent days has begun to focus his attention on staffing. Tad Devine, an informal adviser and longtime friend to the senator, has said that a Sanders campaign would focus heavily on three major issues — campaign finance reform, climate change and income inequality.

The senator often boasts that he’s never run a negative ad, and Devine insists that he won’t go negative on Clinton. “He has to plot a completely different path that doesn’t have a lot to do with her,” he said last week, adding that Clinton came up “very little” in recent conversations about a potential run.

It is hard to predict how this might affect the election. Barack Obama upset Hillary Clinton’s ambitions back in 2008, but what are the chances of Bernie Sanders having the same electrifying effect on voters that Barack Obama had?

I would say the chances are not good.