Hillary Clinton Jumps Off Obama Ship on Bergdahl-Taliban Deal

As I have mentioned, the State Department has been pushing for the release of the five Taliban prisoners for many years. This means that, at the time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she was involved in these negotiations and the pushing against those in the Pentagon who opposed the release.

So now Clinton is trying to distance herself from the Obama Administration’s actions.

According to the Daily Caller:

Knowing an epic political disaster when she sees one, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seeking to distance herself from the swap of five Taliban commanders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who has been described by fellow army soldiers and official Pentagon reports as a deserter who may have been seeking to join the Taliban.

The presumed Democratic presidential front-runner for 2016 was deeply involved in deliberations about the secret negotiations between the United States and the Taliban in 2011 and 2012 that eventually led to the five-for-one exchange, reports The Daily Beast.

Now that the deal is quickly becoming a public-relations nightmare for the Obama administration, unidentified pro-Clinton insiders have begun frantically spinning Clinton’s involvement in the trade as Clinton’s disagreement about the terms of the trade.

The Daily Caller points out several problems with Clinton’s proxies claiming that she was “concerned” about the deal, or that she had objections to it.

Even if we put all that aside for the sake of argument, what exactly is Clinton going to say about her time as Secretary of State when she campaigns for the Presidency. From Benghazi to Bergdahl all we can get from her are a series of rationalizations about how what happened is not really her fault.

That won’t play well on a campaign poster or a bumper sticker.

IT WASN’T MY FAULT! –Hillary ‘16

I COULDN’T STOP IT! –Hillary ‘16

THAT WASN’T MY CALL! –Hillary ‘16

But can anyone think of one thing Hillary Clinton will be able to claim as a success during her time as Secretary of State to make anyone want to vote for her to be President?