Hillary Clinton Makes Anti-Second-Amendment Essential to Her Campaign

When Barack Obama was running in 2008 he didn’t say too much about the Second Amendment (though nothing he said on the topic was good). He also promised he had no agenda regarding guns—a claim that disappeared with Sandy Hook. Hillary Clinton is not officially running yet, but she has now gone out of her way to begin with a far more aggressive approach to the Second Amendment.

From the Washington Times:

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday the nation’s gun culture has gotten “way out of balance” and the U.S. needs to rein in the notion that “anybody can have a gun, anywhere, anytime.”

The former Secretary of State and potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate said the idea that anyone can have a gun is not in the “best interest of the vast majority of people.” But she said that approach does not conflict with the rights of people to own firearms.

Clinton waded into the polarizing issue of gun politics during an appearance at the National Council for Behavioral Health conference in Oxon Hill, Md., pointing to recent shootings that involved teens who had been playing loud music and chewing gum and a separate incident involving the typing of text messages in a movie theater.

“I think again we’re way out of balance. I think that we’ve got to rein in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime,” Clinton said. “And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people. And I think you can say that and still support the right of people to own guns.”

Sure, you can allow people to buy some limited weapon and then require them to keep it at home, perhaps in a lockbox, eventually. But it is a mockery of the Second Amendment to leave only a few places as “right to bear arms zones” and rule the rest of the territory of the United States as if the Second Amendment does not exists.

In my opinion, the crimes of violence that we see every day in this country demonstrate that we don’t have nearly enough “gun culture.” It would be preposterous for many of the crimes to ever be contemplated in a world where most people were expected to be armed. Consider this attempted Craigslist carjacking. Would the suspect ever have contemplated stealing a car with the owner as a passenger if he expected the owner to be packing? No. But he was and so the crime was stopped (without one shot being fired or anyone being hurt).

Criminals are bold today precisely because we are mostly disarmed in most places in the country. I’m sure Hillary will admit to this when she argues that we need more national police. But when it comes to the rest of us, she wants more disarmament—more helplessness before lawbreakers.