Hillary Clinton Won’t Face Up to Carly Fiorina’s Challenge to Watch the Planned Parenthood Videos

When asked if she watched the Planned Parenthood videos, Hillary Clinton evaded the issue.

Carly Fiorina challenged Hillary Clinton to watch the Planned Parenthood videos. So far, Clinton has responded with evasion.

Here she is in the “Situation Room” talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN. He asks her, at one point, “First of all, have you seen those very, very controversial videos?” (Thanks to Breitbart.com for posting the video along with quotations of her non-answers.)

[Editor’s note: it seems the Breitbart video is no longer available but here it is from CNN’s YouTube channel.]

Hillary Clinton essentially goes off on a rant that doesn’t answer the question and shows that she has either never viewed the videos or that she hopes that enough people who are listening to her have not viewed the videos. Like the Administration, she simply regurgitates Planned Parenthood talking points.