Hillary PAC Hires First Senior Official for 2016 Campaign

On January 25 of this year, the Ready for Hillary political action committee was formed to explore the possibility of a race for the White House in 2016.  When the PAC was registered with the Federal Election Commission, George Washington University research professor of history, Allida Black, was listed as their chairwoman.

The Ready for Hillary PAC is an independent group that has no formal ties to Hillary Clinton.  Their efforts are supposedly something that they are doing on their own without any involvement of the former US Secretary of State.  They are also the first PAC to be launched this early and before anyone has announced their candidacy for president.

It seems they are finding enough interest in a Hillary run for president, as they PAC just hired Seth Bringman to be their director of communications.  Bringman served at the Democratic Party Communications Director for Ohio from 2009 to 2012.  Prior to that, Bringman was part of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign staff in 2008 when she went up against an unknown by the name of Barack Obama.

When the announcement was made, Bringman said:

“I was honored to work for Hillary in 2008.  When this opportunity came up, it was a no-brainer. Like millions of Americans, I want to see her the next president.”

“We will make the case that Hillary is the best candidate, the most prepared to be president and the best positioned to build on the progress President Obama has made.  In Ohio and across the country, Hillary has tremendous support. We want to give those supporters a chance to mobilize and help lay the groundwork of support should she decide to jump in.”

Bringman currently works at a public relations firm in Columbus, Ohio and said that he plans to remain at his job while at the same time taking on his role with the Hillary PAC.

I often wonder if America would not have been as bad off if Hillary had won over Obama.  She doesn’t have the overt socialist ties that Obama does, but she does have a strong Muslim affiliation with her closest aid and confidant Huma Abedin who has direct family ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

If the 2016 Democratic race comes down to Hillary versus Joe Biden, the misled people of the party are going to have to choose between Hillary and the party idiot.  However, I believe that Hillary could win hands down because of the womens vote.  After all, Obama won his election because he appears to be black, so it only stands to reason Hillary would win because she’s female.  Obama has proven that qualifications no longer mean anything when it comes to running for the nation’s top job.  It’s all about how many minority votes you can garner, legally and illegally.