Who Is Holding The Nation Hostage Now? Dems Demand End Of Sequestration “Cuts”

They aren’t even cuts. The sequestration demands reductions in planned increases in spending. Yet the Huffington Post tells us:

As the United States government approaches a deadline for raising the debt limit and the government shutdown nears its second week, Senate Democrats are taking a stand on sequestration.

The party’s leadership rejected an offer from Senate Republicans on Saturday morning mainly because the proposal locked in those budget cuts for too long.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) called it the “single biggest sticking point” in negotiations, while his counterpart in leadership, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) deemed it the central dispute.

“The parties have different views. We passed a budget of $1.058 trillion and they passed one — the Ryan budget — [at] $988 [billion],” Schumer said. “So that is a serious issue.”

Are you, like me, old enough to remember when the Tea Party Republicans were guilty of holding the nation hostage by not offering a “clean” bill that would finance the government? What was that… two days ago? Yesterday? Five minutes ago?

The Senate is now saying that they won’t end the fictional “shut down” of the national government, and that it will risk all the apocalyptic fury of the debt ceiling default, unless the Congress votes to get rid of sequestration and increase spending.

We just can’t bring on the total ruin of the Federal government fast enough under Republican limits, according to Democrats. Better to risk the world economy if we can speed up on the highway to hell.

And the President thinks this is all OK.

White House officials, meanwhile, have signaled to Senate Democrats that waging a fight over sequestration during current talks is acceptable. An administration official told The Huffington Post that while they found the Collins’ proposal “constructive,” they had concerns about the spending levels.

With just five days until the debt ceiling deadline, the party is now holding out. The goal, ultimately, is to produce a deal that funds the government at $988 billion, but only for a short period of time, and to include a framework in which both chambers negotiate to replace sequestration more fully.

Just to quote one Leftist, Kirsten Powers, the Republicans were “the suicide caucus,” “wacko birds,” and “out of touch whiners,” for being willing to maintain the government “shut down,” rather than deliver the nation into the maw of Obamacare. Well, then, what are the Dems for doing it in order to increase spending?