Hollywood Responds to Connecticut Shootings

In the wake of the tragic shootings that took place last Friday in Connecticut, gun-control advocates have come out of the woodwork like a swarm of ants at a picnic. They has filled the many forms of media and communication with anti-gun rhetoric and demands for stricter gun control or the banning of all guns in general.

Hollywood, well-known for its liberal politics, is also reacting to the tragedy in a number of ways.

American Guns, a series about a family of gun makers that aired on the Discovery Channel has received tons of negative messages since Friday. As a result of the tragedy Discovery Channel has announced that they are canceling the third season of the popular show.

Paramount has just released a promotional trailer for their upcoming movie Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise. In the trailer it shows a scene of Cruise shooting a semiautomatic weapon. Reports indicate that Paramount is pulling that particular scene from the trailer in lieu of what happened in Connecticut.

The Weinstein Company scheduled a red carpet premiere for last night for their new movie Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio. If you recall Jamie Foxx recently boasted about his new movie where he got to kill all the white people in the film. The premier was still held and there was no red carpet gala surrounding the release of the new film.

In the wake of the tragedy everyone has their eyes focused on guns, as if the whole thing was the fault of the gun. While I agree that some of Hollywood’s material is way too violent and graphic, I don’t necessarily agree with them taking these actions because of an event like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. If they’re going to pull or cancel violent material they should do it for the general sake that it’s too violent, not as a knee-jerk reaction to this event, as it only gives fodder to the anti-gun rhetoric that is filling the airwaves.