Home Intruder? Today Show Teaches Helplessness

A home intruder is a terrifying possibility. Does the image below show the best way to respond to it?

wasp spray

I was aghast over the weekend to see, thanks to Infowars, that NBC’s The Today Show suggested using car keys and wasp spray to deal with invaders.

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To an extent, I can understand slanting a show towards disarmed people since, if you’re armed, you already know basically how you plan to deal with a hostile intruder. You won’t be going for car keys or wasp spray. You will be reaching for your weapon.

So it is easy to see how the show might direct its advice for those without firearms.

But it is still insane. What this shows is that anyone who disapproves of guns has to talk like an idiot whenever he addresses home protection. The only way to acknowledge the Second Amendment at all, when talking about how to deal with an attacker, is to tell people to consider arming themselves.

But Liberals have to pretend that option is unavailable.

Here are some excerpts from the story that accompanied the TV segment:

In June, an intruder broke into Sandra Bullock’s Los Angeles home and got within steps of the star’s bedroom. On Aug. 14, NBA star Ray Allen’s family was hit, waking up to find seven intruders in their Coral Gables, Florida, home. Not even the Kennedys are immune: On July 15, an intruder got into their sprawling compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

According to the FBI, nearly 50,000 robberies within residences (the bureau’s classification for home invasions, not all of which involve violent entry) occurred in 2011, or about 135 per day. In July 2013, Susan Dawson came face to face with an intruder in her Fountain Hills, Arizona, home.

“It was absolutely one of the most frightening things I’ve ever gone through,” she said. “I went, ‘Oh my gosh, who are you?’ He took a couple of steps and punched me in the nose, and down I went.”

The attacker tied Dawson up and ransacked her home. “I laid there and he’d keep going through the bedroom looking for stuff,” Dawson said. “What I was thinking of most is, ‘How is he going to kill me?'”

So in the face of these dire threats, viewers are presented with the question: “So how can you get your family out of such a situation alive?”

This is when they present the veteran NYPD detective who doesn’t acknowledge that there is any such thing as the private ownership of firearms. No, viewers were told they need to keep their key with them at night so they can set off their car alarm in response to an intruder. They need to have wasp spray by their bed (but see this for another view). They need to sleep with all doors in the house open so that children can hear what is going on; “then you can get the family all in one place and leave together.”

This is disarmament culture. The only options are pathetic makeshift weapons, or alarms that presuppose that it is the responsibility of police to rescue you.

Oh, and when you are caught and being interrogated about your valuables by the robber, make sure you cooperate. I actually agree with this, but a gun has a better chance of preventing the situation than wasp spray.

I do love the “expert’s” way of putting it. He says that, if they have you at their mercy, you should “treat them like royalty.”

That’s right. When a robber has you helpless and disarmed, and when they are shaking you down for all the valuables you might have that they can take from you. Then your job is to treat them like your government.

Of course, the Today Show is simply reciting the party line. Remember, the Department of Homeland Security wants you to use scissors to take down a mass shooter.