Homeland Security Welcomes Immigrants With Welfare Programs

Just what we need. A government website that encourages new immigrants to get signed up for welfare. WelcomeToUSA.gov is a Homeland Security-run website for those who are new to the United States. Part of their “welcoming package” is information about all the government benefits that are at their disposal:  “free” public education, healthcare, supplemental security income (SSI), food stamps, temporary assistance for needy families (TANF), etc. It gives the impression that once an alien enters this country, he is immediately eligible for welfare and needs to get signed up.

In spite of the fact that many of those immigrating are not even legally eligible, these aliens, legal or not, manage to get signed up. A Republican Budget Committee staffer pointed out to the Daily Caller that immigration law is supposed to prevent those immigrants who have a “dependency risk” from being admitted in the first place. But that isn’t what is happening. In fact, last year, out of over 10 million visa applicants, only 7,000 were denied because they were at risk of being dependent on the state. Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions stated:

“Historically, the nation has understood that people who come to the country should not be dependent on the state. And if you could not show that you were going to be independent, then you didn’t get admitted.”

It’s no surprise to find out that, as reported by the Daily Caller:

“According to a recent analysis of census data by the Center for Immigration Studies, 36 percent of immigrant heads of households, both legal and illegal, used at least one form of welfare in 2010, compared to 23 percent of native born heads of household.”

After these immigrants get signed up on welfare, they register to vote for Democrats to keep their benefits coming. They’re convinced that the Democrats have their best interests at heart. The reality is that immigrants, particularly Latinos, are as hoodwinked as black voters.

Many articles have been written about how in spite of blacks being hit the hardest by Obama’s policies and being the number one demographic in poverty, they overwhelmingly voted to re-elect Obama. His re-election will no doubt impoverish them more.

Even though more Latinos were deported under Obama’s administration than under any other, Latinos still overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Both immigrants and blacks have this perception that the government is there to take care of them, and anything bad that happens to them is solely the fault of those evil, white Republicans who get in the way of all the Democrats who are just trying to help the poor and needy. America is less the “land of the free” and more the “land of the slaves.”