Homeowner Arrested For Firing Warning Shot At Home Intruder

If you found someone trying to break in your backdoor, what would you do?

That’s the situation that 36 year old Corey Thompson found himself in.  Thompson, a military veteran verbally warned the intruder that he was armed and that he would fire one warning shot only.  Evidently, 40 year old Jonathan Kinsella, a convicted felon, did not heed the warning, so Thompson fired one warning shot with his AR-15.

Thompson told local news:

“When I’m dealt with a stressful situation, being a veteran from Iraq and the Afghanistan war, it’s natural. I just jump into combat mode. I told him I’m going to give you a warning shot.”

Kinsella was arrested as he fled the scene on outstanding warrants for burglary and assault.

Once the police learned what happened at the Thompson home, they also arrested Thompson for unlawful use of a firearm along with menacing and reckless endangering.  They confiscated his rifle because it was fired during the committing of a crime.

According to Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford, Oregon Police Department:

“There was nothing that the suspect was doing that was aggressive enough to justify the shooting.”

So what was Thompson supposed to do to protect his home?  What other measures should he have taken to try to ward off the intruder, or should he have allowed Kinsella to actually break in and then shoot him?

The Medford police are sending a dangerous warning to all homeowners that they do not have the right to properly defend their homes or person.  It’s as if they are saying that you have to wait until you and your family are being threatened inside your home before you can take any forceful action to protect them and yourself.

Corey Thompson has been wrongfully arrested and his rifle illegally seized by an overzealous police department that does not want to allow law abiding citizens to defend their homes and persons.  I hope that Thompson is not only exonerated but that he brings legal action for a wrongful arrest against the Medford Police Department to send a message that homeowners have a right to protect their property and person.