Homosexual Fakes Hate Crime against Self; Still Gets to be Victim

Why should a guy who lies about a hate crime still get an outpouring of sympathy?

How do you really know that people hate you?

I’ll tell you how. When someone tries to frame you for a crime you didn’t commit, and gets caught, all the sympathy is given to the criminal, and you still get attacked every day in the media as if you are guilty.

This Washington Times story is unbelievable. But not because a homosexual committed a false flag attack against traditionalists. That isn’t so uncommon.

Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker said Rick Jones, 21, could face charges after officers investigating the series of reported attacks found inconsistencies in the evidence. The Delta man eventually acknowledged faking the harassment, Sheriff Dekker said.

Brett Tolman, an attorney for Mr. Jones, didn’t deny the sheriff’s claim, saying the reports were a cry for help initially directed toward people close to his client. But Mr. Jones didn’t realize how much attention they would get, the lawyer said.

“I think it’s such good evidence of the difficulties members of the gay community deal with, and some make better choices than others,” Mr. Tolman said.

Mr. Jones has since begun mental health treatment, the lawyer said.

The purported attacks began with a beating at his family’s pizza business in April that left Mr. Jones with head and facial bruising and the words “die fag” carved in his arm.

Five days later, the family’s home was found spray-painted with the same slur. On June 10, a rock and a molotov cocktail were thrown through the window of the home. That same day, the business was spray-painted, broken into and robbed of $1,000.

Mr. Jones told KSL-TV earlier this month he believed he was targeted because he is gay.

I certainly think it is possible that the fake hate crime had motives that weren’t really political. Jones helped himself to a cool thousand dollars. Of course, he is going to now do all he can to present himself as mentally unstable. He is trying desperately to evade the full weight of charges for stealing money, terrorizing his own family, as well as faking an attack.

So I don’t blame the lawyer for trying to make us all feel sorry for the poor homosexual, saying his pre-meditated crimes are “good evidence of the difficulties members of the gay community deal with.” Though, honestly, isn’t he basically relying on some extremely negative stereotypes regarding the mental fragility of homosexuals in order to make his case?

If I posted about how homosexuals are especially prone to theatrics, to lying, and to theft, wouldn’t that be considered hate speech?

The defense attorney is also claiming Jones did “not have any criminal intent?” How do you steal a thousand dollars without criminal intent? Did it accidentally fall into his pocket?

I can excuse this strategy on the part of his defense attorney, since we all know they make up the best story they can on behalf of their clients. But what I can’t excuse are the reactions of other people.

Mr. Tolman, the defense attorney, said his client didn’t have any criminal intent and the outpouring of support after the accusations became public still was a good message.

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox publicly declared his support after the accusations were reported.

Mr. Cox said Tuesday that he’s relieved that the accusations weren’t authentic, but he’s concerned for Mr. Jones and his family and hopes they find “peace and healing.

Yeah. There are county clerks losing their jobs and cake-bakers and wedding photographers being harassed and fined. But let’s have an outpouring of support for a thief and a liar who tried to smear people that he hates.

Homosexuals are just gods walking among us They are completely untouched by the rules that apply to us mortals. When they are attacked (supposedly), that shows they deserve our sympathy and support. And when they are found to have completely faked an attack on themselves in order to frame Christians and other traditionalists, that also proves they deserve our sympathy and support.