Homosexual Propaganda as Norman Rockwell Biography

Imagine what would happen if Jonathan Gruber wrote a Norman Rockwell biography

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Many great and upstanding figures from American history have had their reputations tarnished by modern biographers. While it is true that no life can measure up to a standard of perfection, it is also tragically clear that a huge number of moderns love to justify their own debauchery by finding it (even when they have to make it all up!) in respected icons of years gone by.

As this story from Norman Rockwell’s granddaughter makes abundantly plain, the recent touted biography, American Mirror, is packed with lies, distortions, and outright fabrications to suggest that Normal Rockwell was a “repressed homosexual.”

Why did Deborah Solomon think she could get away with writing a fraudulent biography of Norman Rockwell, the great American illustrator? Why did a respected publisher — Farrar, Straus and Giroux — publish a biography they knew would cause a sensation, yet seemingly did not bother to properly fact check it? Why did almost all the reviewers and media eagerly jump on this author’s bandwagon and blindly accept the book’s credibility and validity without questioning it? Why did no one pick up on Solomon’s outdated, completely backward and insidious ideology, conflating homosexuality with pedophilia? And why would my grandfather’s own museum, the Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge, lavishly endorse the book and continue to promote and sell it even after they were shown in detail that it was a fraud?

The story of the Norman Rockwell biography fraud is one of unchecked hubris and outsized ego, aided and abetted by a relentless propaganda machine and the unspoken conspiracy of the establishment. Deborah Solomon’s malignant ambition sparked and set off a whole chain of events, pulling others with matching ambition into the fray and blindsiding unwitting victims with her duplicity.

Abigail Rockwell also notes:

Solomon’s book can be seen as an attack on goodness, decrying that belief in the goodness of people that runs through my grandfather’s paintings. That concept of goodness is anathema to someone like Solomon. She did what she could to sully that perception of goodness. If she couldn’t find “dirt,” she’d “create” it. And that is something that obviously appealed to the media and reviewers.

You learn a lot about your own time when you investigate the things which dare not be criticized, even when clearly shown to be false. Homosexual propaganda is apparently as “sacred” in our day as making sure we never make a connection between Islam and terrorism.

Journalists, biographers, news anchors, politicians… is there anyone in our time who can be trusted to tell the truth?