“Homosexuality Is Natural, As Long As This Belief Serves My Purpose”

Much effort has been made by the Left to normalize abnormal, deviant behavior so that it becomes more accepted in the mainstream. Looking at the state of our society, it becomes clear that it has been a successful endeavor.

The introductions come in increments from our institutions. From pop-culture icons teaching kids, through their lyrics and their awards-acceptance speeches, that bad is good, to gradually more and more public-school curricula teaching about homosexuality in elementary school, the reach of this propaganda is far and wide.

It is now considered normal to do with our bodies things that make no biological sense. It may be logical that a penis and a penis don’t go together, but it doesn’t make society happy to acknowledge it. So society proclaims from the altar of pop-culture heathenism, “Homosexuality is found in nature!” Presto, homosexuality is now normal.

Such a conclusion is arrived at by, obviously, people who value the things that are found in nature, by people who pay no heed to the various established religious texts whose teachings on homosexuality make it clear that it is bad (without regard to how natural it is). Nature is their guide. Nature is their god.

As such, these defenders of homosexuality are almost universally believers of Darwinian evolution. This brings me to a wonderful quip of Ann Coulter’s from her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism: “If people are born gay, why hasn’t Darwinism weeded out people who don’t reproduce?”

The Left has constructed a clever rebuttal to this, and similar, observations. “The earth is overpopulated, so that’s why nature [O Omnipotent Nature!] created homosexuality. It’s in order to slow the population growth. It’s completely in line with evolution, because evolution made it so.”

Which brings us settled down nice and firmly upon my main point: If homosexuals embrace evolution, their guide, their god, as their defense of why they do what they do, then why do they rebuke evolution, their guide, their god, in their attempts to have kids (either by adoption or, in the case of female homosexuals, artificial insemination), something which they themselves claim nature does not want them to do?