Homosexuals Outraged that Laws Apply Equally to Them

Why are homosexuals outraged that prostitution is illegal and can get you arrested? I thought they were all happily married now.

This story from the New York Times is amazing: “Raid of Rentboy, an Escort Website, Angers Gay Activists.” No, they aren’t angry at the website for degrading and objectifying homosexuals by calling them “rentboys.” They are angry that the laws against prostitution apply to them.

For some gay activists, it had shades of bathhouse raids and gay-bar roundups from decades ago. On Tuesday, federal authorities burst into the Union Square office of the gay-escort website Rentboy.com and arrested the chief executive and several employees on prostitution charges.

Rentboy, which federal authorities called the biggest male-escort website, had been around for almost two decades, allowing escorts to pay to advertise themselves. It was well known in the gay community, hosting pool parties, dances and awards shows throughout the country.

After federal authorities charged its top executives with promoting prostitution, seized the website and went after the business’s assets on Tuesday, many gay activists were infuriated. The Transgender Law Center, a civil-rights group, criticized the arrests, as did some male sex workers. Several activists said they would use the episode to renew calls to decriminalize prostitution.

It is good to be reminded from such an impeccable source that homosexuals were not predominately arrested for what they did in the privacy of their bedrooms but rather because they created public places that were used for prostitution, drug use, and to create an epic health hazard.

Calling on the decriminalization of prostitution does have this virtue: it seems like a much more honest campaign than the push to create same-sex “marriage.”

Does this mean homosexuals are going to become libertarians? That would be nice because it would mean an end to bankrupting bakers and photographers who don’t want to mock marriage by taking part in fake ceremonies. It would mean an end to calls for legislation to enable homosexuals to sue anyone who fires them or doesn’t want to hire them or creates a “hostile work environment” by continuing to employ Christians in the office.

But I doubt that is what they want. They just want freedom for themselves and for everyone else to be deprived of freedom.

The same people who think defying the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional decision is “treason” are completely outraged that the same laws that apply to heterosexual prostitution also apply to them.

Was the “persecution” of the bathhouses really driven by anti-homosexual bigotry? Were there ever any heterosexual equivalents of those bathhouses and bars that the police allowed to continue operating?

Worth thinking about.