Homosexuals Wanna Have Their Wedding Cake… and Eat It Too

The owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado has recently been the “beneficiary” of a number of protests in response to his unwillingness to make wedding cakes for homosexual “marriages.” In the wake of Dan Cathy’s now famous declaration of support for traditional families (which we all know from the mainstream media was a foaming-at-the-mouth attack on “gay” “marriage”), homosexual advocates are doing everything they can to turn low-profile instances of following one’s personal values into high-profile instances of severe persecution. But anyone with even two sliced pickles worth of insight can see who the real victims are here.

One of the protest signs outside the Lakewood bakery was, “Let the Gays Eat Cake,” an obvious reference to Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake.” The less than well-thought-out allusion is actually quite appropriate. Like Antoinette, the homosexual agenda machine is blissfully unaware of a little thing called reality and the real circumstances of the people it pretends to champion. The hypocrisy and irrationality involved in the homosexual agenda is staggering. They whine about diversity. Well. This is what diversity looks like. Now deal with it. They whine about tolerance. Well. Show some, then.

They say this is all about love. Well, I love my children, my mom, and my parakeet. There are different kinds of love. They don’t all require sex, and some of them rightly forbid it as a condition of true love. But this is a victimless crime, they say. Why should you care what happens in the privacy of a homosexual’s bedroom? Yeah. That may have worked for Rock Hudson. It hardly works now. Trying to close down a local business because they wouldn’t provide a cake for your public wedding? Lakewood, Colorado must be one small town to fit inside your bedroom. And this new “public accommodations” argument is most unsettling. My private business is not a public accommodation. And it used to be I could refuse service to whomever I wanted for any reason, good or bad. It’s apparently not like that anymore. And the list of what you’re allowed to discriminate against changes everyday.

Ever seen one of those self-righteous “COEXIST” bumper stickers? My question has always been, “Why can’t you?” You go around brandishing imperatives about how all the religions should all just get along, but you can’t agree to disagree. You’re the one who won’t coexist! You won’t be happy until we all believe like you do that all religions are equal, which is another way of saying that they are all equally wrong. Dan Cathy expresses his deep love for his wife, his commitment to traditional marriage, and his fear that God’s judgement is upon this country for our pride in rejecting His definition of marriage. That’s hate speech. Roseanne Barr says that everyone who eats “S***-fil-A” deserves to die of cancer. Now she’s an advocate of love. Not a single one of these self-indulgent hypocrites realizes how absurd their position is. People in this country have gotten used to taking the privilege of protest for granted. But that is a peculiarly Christian privilege based on the belief that no one but God can be beyond criticism or above His law. Good luck trying to be openly homosexual in a Muslim country. How about offering a dissenting opinion in the atheist Soviet Union? China? North Korea? Or here in the U.S. for that matter. You just can’t keep the fruit when you cut out the root. Sorry, but you just can’t have your cake and eat it too.