Hope You’re Past Homophobia Because Now We’re Moving On to “Transphobia”

The “T” in LGBT has always seemed like a strange addition to me. The first three letters, while immoral, at least stand for things that are real. Women do sexual things with women (Lesbian). Men do sexual things with men (“Gay”). Because we live in a world that has tried to force sexual perversion into a civil rights “born that way” stereotype, we also have to make a different category for the ones who refuse to conform as if they are their own class—people who engage in sex with both sexes (Bisexual).

But what stands out about those three categories is that they aren’t lying. A Lesbian is a woman who says, “I am attracted to and prefer getting naked with a woman.” A “Gay” says, “I am a man who likes to have sexual encounters with other men.” A bisexual claims to like sex in both ways.

A transsexual is a male who says, “I am really a woman.” Or if he wants to use spatial nonsense references he says, “I am a woman ‘inside.’” Or, sometimes he gets closer to the truth by saying, “I feel like a woman.” But that really means he feels like what he imagines a woman feels like.

And reverse all that for a female “transsexual.”

It is completely made up. I’m not denying there might be people who believe it and feel that it is true, but there is no reason to treat such people any differently than those who hear voices or claim to be the reincarnation of Napoleon.

But no, all society must be warped into shape to feed their delusions. And they are getting aggressive. Now celebrity Lesbians can be attacked for not being politically correct:

Ellen DeGeneres took to the stage last night to host the 2014 Academy Awards and one joke made by the comedian about actress Liza Minnelli has some people seeing red.

“Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen,” DeGeneres joked about the icon who has been a favorite subject for female impersonators and drag artists over the years. “Good job, sir.”

As the Washington Post (who referred to Minnelli as a “rumored plastic surgery devotee”) notes, a number of people took to Twitter to express their outrage, with some calling the comment “transphobic.”

Ellen transphobic?

Well, why not? After all, presumably a male has the right to insist to her that he is really a female and that his overtures to her are not those of a Lesbian-repellent male but rather those of a bona fide female and fellow “Lesbian.”

Come to think of it, a partner in any marriage could claim that he or she was really the opposite sex so that their relationship is really a homosexual one.

Can this get any more sick and ridiculous? People under delusions need help, not an insane game of “let’s pretend” from society at large.

Of course, the Huffington Post goes on to suggest that this is a latest in a series of, uh, transgressions against this embattled minority. For example:

Additionally, Katie Couric landed herself in hot water for questioning transgender model Carmen Carrera about her “private parts” in early January.

Well, I know that Couric’s show isn’t exactly hard news, but she did have a mutilated man showing off his manufactured womanly appearance. Why on earth would Carrera go on the show and exclude that line of questioning? Funny how we’re all supposed to be so accepting except when the perverts impose their own version of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” For most of us, slicing up one’s anatomy to get something that imitates the other anatomy is a pretty major transition. If you want to promote it, then stop being so coy.

The lesson here is that homosexual marriage is not even the beginning. There is no absurdity these people won’t demand we accept, and they are ready to judge us the instant we don’t show proper deference.