House Committee: No Funding for New Gun Control

The House Appropriations Committee has warned the Department of Justice that it has no plans to approve funds for President Obama’s latest gun control schemes.

House Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies subcommittee Chairman Rep. John Culberson wrote in a terse letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that any executive orders on gun control should not be paid for out of already approved funding.

“I want to express the committee’s expectation that the Department of Justice will allocate its resources to the enforcement of existing federal law,” Culberson, chairman of the House Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies subcommittee.

The letter also stated that “the House Appropriations Committee will not provide resources to your Department for the development or implementation of unlawful limitations on the unambiguous Second Amendment rights of Americans.”

President Obama unveiled his new gun control plans earlier this week, including expanding background checks to close the nonexistent “gun show loophole,” enlisting doctors in reporting people deemed unfit to have guns, and even banning certain people on Social Security from being able to purchase a gun.

If the Congress would actually display some guts for a change, Obama’s restrictions, illegally enacted by executive order, could be blocked.

Despite the Appropriations Committee’s threat, though, don’t hold your breath.

Congress has shown little or no willingness to stop even the most egregious activities of the Obama Administration. With new House Speaker Paul Ryan following in John Boehner’s footsteps and giving himself over to the Dark Side, it will be a minor miracle if anything in Congress changes.