House Votes Down D.C. Pro-Abortion ‘Discrimination’ Law

Lawmakers in the House got up the nerve to strike down a law that pro-abortion groups want very badly.

The law in question is the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act, and as you can figure from the euphemistic title, it’s about cramming the abortion agenda down Americans’ throats.

The Left portrays the law as protecting pro-abortion workers (now there’s a class I never thought of as discriminated against) from discrimination in hiring because of their political views.

The truth seems to be that the vaguely worded law is actually aimed at religious freedom. As written, the law could be (and would be) interpreted as requiring pro-life groups to hire pro-abortion workers.

It’s the old Left Wing tactic of infiltrate and change from within: Once you pack an opposing group with enough of your own people, just change the sign on the front door and complete the purge.

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It would almost be funny if it weren’t so serious. Think about it. Pro-abortion groups are advocates of the most serious and final form of discrimination, taking a child’s life simply for being an inconvenience.

Yet they have the gall to yammer about “discrimination” against office workers and medical staff, a condition that doesn’t exist outside of those forced circumstances of pro-abortionists trying to work for pro-life groups.

Nancy Pelosi tried to frame the debate as an issue of “states’ rights” and Republicans meddling in “reproductive rights.” (That would be the sort of reproductive rights that result in not reproducing.)

The bill to reject the law passed 228-192.

Sponsor Rep. Diane Black said, “Congress has a constitutional duty to ensure that our laws are upheld in the District of Columbia and we would be shirking our duties as legislators to allow this discriminatory ‘nondiscrimination’ act to go unchallenged.”