Houston Mayor Gets Her Pansex Utopia: Racial Minorities Out; Transgender In

Houston now has an “anti-discrimination ordinance” that enforces the acceptance and normalizing of homosexuality and transgender.

Naturally, the NAACP is on board with the new Houston ordinance, but that doesn’t mean that racial minorities favor it. It just means that the NAACP is desperate to curry favor with the regime because that is how they measure their own importance. The fact that the NAACP caves so fully to all sorts of anti-First-Amendment and Transgender madness just shows that they recognize my thesis: that “racial justice” only matters as long as it serves the interest of mostly-White perverts.

Breitbart.com tells us how the priorities work:

The ordinance was strongly opposed by many black pastors, members of the Houston Area Pastors Council. 150 pastors from the conservative group representing a diverse coalition, ethnically and denominationally, angrily walked out of the council meeting today after two prominent African American pastors who represented the group were snubbed by the council body. According to a press release obtained by Breitbart Texas, Council Member Boykins asked to have two black pastors, Willie Davis and Max Miller, to be allowed to be moved up in the speakers list and speak out against the ordinance.  It is a common practice by council members and one that is rarely opposed by other members.

In fact, Council Member Mike Laster had just previously been allowed the same courtesy to be extended to move up four pro-GLBT speakers in the order to speak before eight members plus Mayor Parker voted against Boykin’s request. One of the black pastors called it the equivalent of being “sent to the back of the bus.” After the public snubbing of the two black pastors by council, the 150 plus pastors present walked out of the meeting in protest. Immediately after this the council allowed another pro-GLBT speaker to be moved up. Council Member Bradford was the member who voiced the objection to Boykins’ request and called for the vote. Standard protocol is usually to allow the courtesy by unanimous consent.

“It was one of the most flagrantly disrespectful actions taken by an elected body toward its own constituency I have witnessed in over thirty years of involvement,” said Rev. Dave Welch on behalf of the pastors’ coalition involving eight major denominational and inter-denominational pastor networks. 

I am sure “Council Member Bradford” did not unintentionally communicate to these men that he thought they belong in the back of the bus. You snub people to make it clear to them that they don’t matter.

Due to a successful campaign to spread political idiocy among African Americans, I doubt many read this blog. But if any of you are out there, you should know that this was the reason the government chose the path of coercion and ending freedom to deal with the sin of racism in the United States. The very moral consensus that swept civil rights laws into place could easily have socially defeated and marginalized practicing racists to make them powerless in society. The government saw that possible path to a just and equitable society as a threat to its existence. It had to be the rescuer. It had to be the savior. It needed you to believe that you needed the state to deliver you into the good society and that your were helpless and a victim without it.

And the entire point was to set up the legal framework so that freedom of association and freedom in commerce would be dead letters—so that the state had the unquestioned authority to control people in all of life and make them behave as they demanded for racial justice sexual fantasy production or any reason at all.

So this is where we are now. All that power given to the state to outlaw racism is not for racial minorities. It’s for men who insist they are women and therefore get to use the restroom with your wives and daughters.

Proposed NDO, Sec. 17-51(b) (the “Open Bathrooms Component”).  This provision subjects women and girls to sexual predators who are allegedly confused by their gender identity.”

Dr. Steven Hotze, Republican political kingmaker, author, and owner of a successful health and wellness center, argues that “Mayor Parker’s ordinance would include minority status for transvestites, allowing men who dress as women to enter women’s public bathrooms and locker room areas.”  Dr. Hotze says that his intent is to “protect my wife, daughters and granddaughters from being exposed to the dangers of male sexual predators masquerading as women in women’s bathrooms and other facilities.”  

Any church found in violation of the ordinance can be fined in $500 to $5000.

Do you think they persecute Christian churches like that in Russia?