How Can Obama Fight National Pessimism? He’s the Reason for It

This video from Newsy Politics from last night seems surreal to me: “Fighting National Pessimism Is An Uphill Battle For Obama.”

You can find the text of the video here.

Unemployment is down — at its lowest point since before the financial crash in 2008. The percentage of uninsured is down, meaning fewer Americans are going without health insurance.

That employment statistic is meaningless and people who don’t want insurance are being punished unless they pay rising prices for useless policies.

And the rate of violent crime has plummeted in the last couple decades. But there’s something funny about our perception of these issues. For instance, Americans always think we’re seeing more violent crime, not less, which is just untrue.

Barack Obama is not fighting that national pessimism; he is promoting it, telling people we are in the midst of an epidemic of gun violence.

So the President isn’t fighting national pessimism. He’s causing it but giving himself verbal cover.