How Deborah Nucatola Will End Abortion

Several years ago, before we were married, while my wife and I were still in college, she and her roommates watched the historical fiction, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The movie portrayed the German people not only as merely accepting what was being done to the Jews, but actually taking pride in how righteous their cause was. My wife’s roommates were simply in unbelief. They could not believe that a modern society that does not look all that different than ours today, with automobiles, electricity, running water, and telephones, could be so utterly barbaric. How could they do such unspeakable evil, and treat it as completely banal?

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I remember telling her we do the exact same thing today. We not only accept the systematic slaughter of babies, but we glory in it. The video of Deborah Nucatola discussing, in detail how she harvests the livers, hearts, and head of babies halfway out of the birth canal, all while enjoying a delicious salad and glass of fine wine, displays the same banality of evil as vividly as anything I have ever seen. Joel McDurmon of American Vision pointed out, Nucatola is Hannibal Lecter. But it is worse than that. Deep down, as revolting as he is, we all know Hannibal Lecter is a fictional character. Deborah Nucatola is very real, and so are her victims. So what if she sells the organs of, instead of eating, her victims?

The Skull Crushing Reality of Abortion

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Many memes have already appeared saying something to the effect of, “murder 3,000 babies a day, no big deal; harvest their organs, everyone loses their minds.” On the one hand, there is a good point here; we should be revolted that 3,000 babies a day are killed. What the murderer does with her victim’s body is at best a secondary concern. On the other hand, the very reason that we don’t care that much about the 3,000 babies murdered daily is precisely why we need to see a video like this. It is revolting. It is shocking. We need to be disgusted by it. Watching a woman sift through her lettuce while glibly talking about the best method for crushing a little baby’s skull ought to shake us.

As the debates over the front of the sexual revolution, same-sex marriage, raged on, advocates of the state recognizing the relationship of two men or women who gratify the other’s genitals as marriage told everyone opposed to that “they needed to get on the right side of history.” Think about that for a moment. The sexual revolutionaries have a particular eschatological vision that they see as inevitable, and they are pleading with Christians to join in. They are asking us to get on that bus with them. The only problem is its destination sign reads “Lake of Fire.”

Lord, Come Quickly?

Christians, on the other hand, have a different view of the course of history. Jesus Christ’s reign and rule over the earth will continue to be made manifest. That, and not waiting for the rapture, is why He keeps us here. This will happen. And in a thousand years, movies will be made (or whatever storytelling technology is available to our descendants) about the abortion industry in 21st Century America. Deborah Nucatola may even have her own storyline, not unlike that of Dr. Lecter. And young people watching will be dumbfounded, “How could they possibly have been so nonchalant about such despicable evil?” “Why was this monster not only able to run free but actually be celebrated?”

The Deborah Nucatola video should be remembered as a milestone. Not because the ghouls at Planned Parenthood sold the organs of their victims, but because we saw their top doctor discussing right out in the open just how gruesome this abortion really is. You can’t euphemize abortion when you are talking about harvesting livers, hearts, and intact heads. Globs of cells or fetuses don’t have livers, hearts, and intact heads. People do. Far too often we allow these enemies of God and mankind to determine the definitions. This isn’t infanticide, it’s “abortion.” This is about “women’s health” not murder. That’s not a person, that’s a “fetus.” When we let them define the terms, half the battle is already won. If we resolve that it is distasteful in polite society to refer to abortion as “chopping up a baby” but completely tasteful to actually chop up babies, we have already lost. It’s time to be undignified. Deborah Nucatola casually describing how she carefully takes a forceps to kill the baby but be gentle enough so as to not ruin its organs is bone chilling. Do not let those bones thaw.

Window into her shop of horrors

Planned Parenthood is able to get away with what they do in part because killing 3,000 babies a day isn’t newsworthy if it happens every day.  Even those of us who absolutely hate it, aren’t that disgusted by it, because its hidden away, both physically and by carefully crafted euphemism. They can deny all they want that they sold the organs of aborted babies for profit, but they will never be able to take that away. Deborah Nucatola has given us a window into her shop of horrors. You should make everyone who approves of what she does take a long, hard look inside. Repentance will only take place when the slaughterhouse is exposed for what it is.