How Does the War on Women Explain Trump?

If the war on women is such a big deal, then why are women not turning against Donald Trump?

I’m not quite sure why anyone expected Donald Trump to suffer badly for what he said about Megyn Kelly. If the President can get cheers by telling women to vote with their “lady parts” then there is no telling how people respond to anything anymore.

Nevertheless, Reuters reports this as if we should find it surprising: “Trump’s female fans shrug off ‘blood’ comment about TV host.”

It’s easy to find female fans of Donald Trump in this cluster of former factory towns in the hills west of New York City even after his comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that have been widely interpreted as referring to her menstrual cycle.

The loud-mouthed real estate mogul, who holds a wide lead over rivals in the Republican race for the White House, has been unapologetic, despite pundits saying his clash with Kelly could hurt him with women voters and halt his meteoric rise in the polls.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll suggests Trump – who has dominated coverage of the 2016 election with a series of flame-throwing comments about illegal Mexican immigrants, the war record of Senator John McCain and Kelly – may in fact still be leading among women Republican supporters.

There’s evidence of that support in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, even though the county leans Democrat. A third of women randomly interviewed by Reuters on the street self-identified as Trump supporters and said they still supported him.

So what does this tell us about “the war on women”? Democrats talk about it a great deal and the media applauds them. Yet even back after the November election there was reason to doubt this Democrat meme.

Now we find women aren’t turning on Donald Trump. Is that the reaction of a population who feels attacked on every side? Do these women seem to notice that conservatives or Republicans are making war against them? (I don’t think Trump is conservative but he’s playing one on TV at the moment.)


On the contrary, they seem to find Trump refreshing.

Trump’s outspokenness is his most important quality, according to the women who like him. Women interviewed in Lehigh County and respondents in a Reuters/Ipsos poll praised his apparent honesty.

“He’s a little rough around the edges because he goes against the grain,” said Angie Brodie, 38, another nurse in Allentown.

This sounds like women think that Trump is acting like a man and gratified by his “roughness.” I’m not sure I want Trump as the poster boy for true masculinity, but his reception among the female half of the species doesn’t make much sense if “the war on women” is real.

But if it is just a Democrat trick, then it makes a lot of sense.